Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Barking at the moon

I was really looking forward to last night's supermoon. I headed out into the pasture an hour before moonrise 
with my camera and my trusty assistant, hoping to come home with at least one decent moon shot to share.

Smooch: I don't see any moon.

Smooch: Are you sure we've got the right night?
Me: I'm sure. We're just a little early.

Smooch: If it doesn't come up soon, there might not be anything left of this vehicle.

George: I'll rest my head here while we wait.

I had lots of fun taking pictures of everybody waiting for the moonrise.

Which is a good thing, because I didn't like any of the moon pictures I took.

Smooch was quick to remind me that the journey is usually better than the destination anyway.


  1. Love the picture of Smooch looking into the camera, and the final pic of her gazing into the sunset.

    Your post, with Smooch and Lucy, George and Alan inspecting the Ranger is far better than any Super Moon!

  2. With all those cool critter shots, who needs a moon! George resting his head..funny boy! Smooch taking it all in with girl.
    You make me smile every single morning.

  3. I agree with Maggy, loved these pic's. I forgot how they surround the ranger and nibble. Never get tired of all those sweet loving faces!

  4. I am feeling a little down today and I want you to know that when i come here each day, your post always always make me feel good and happy... forget the moon, keep on showing us the journey... those donkeys and the truck made me laugh out loud... hugs to all of them

  5. okay, i love this post. just so calming and amusing and soothing and beautiful and, and, and...well done! thanks (smiley face here)

  6. The journey and the company, for sure. Cause sometimes the destination is a flop. Sweet pictures.

  7. all these pairs of ears are delightful!!!

  8. Smooch is so wise 'journey better than destination'. Terrific photos!

  9. Must be wonderful to enjoy the moonrise with such nice compagnions. Love the photos and would really love to see "your" moon.

  10. " the journey is usually better than the destination"

    Usually true which makes Smooch wealthy in wisdom.

    Cheers, Smooch!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat