Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear in the headlights

I bought this gadget last winter, thinking it would come in handy if Smooch and I got a late start on our daily constitutional 
and were caught walking home in the dark. I learned this week that it's also very useful 
when looking for a feral barn cat hiding in the feed room. Confused?

Allow spokesmodel Lucy to demonstrate it properly:

Lucy: My LED Cap Light is the perfect hands-free solution to lighting up the scary night ... or a dark, confined space as the case may be. An alternative to those pesky head lamps with the uncomfortable elastic strap that hurts your ears and messes up your hair, 
this lightweight device clips on and adjusts to the brim of your favorite baseball cap or cowboy hat.
The four LEDs are so stinkin' bright that I can see mom coming from halfway across the pasture!

Me: Thank you, Lucy, for the explanation. Now let me get back to the point of this post.

Since the arrival of the feral-cat-with-no-name-yet (thank you all for your great suggestions – I'm trying them out 
and hoping one will eventually stick), I have seen her come out of hiding just once.
She was on her way from Hiding Place A to Hiding Place B. She stopped, gave me a look that said,
"You again? How many times a day do you feed those beasts anyway?" and sauntered off. 

When I peer behind the feed bin or hay bales and shine my headlights to find her, she doesn't seem afraid, just annoyed. 
I haven't seen one mouse scurry across the feed room floor since she got here, so I would say she is meeting all expectations. 

My concerns about her escaping the feed room when I open the door were unfounded. 
When she hears me coming, I can hear her moving against the metal walls to squeeze into one of her secret spots. 
So can Lucy: 

Lucy: Will I ever get to see her? I could use another gal pal.

Me: She'll come out when she's ready for the spotlight.


  1. In that picture, she looks a little like Grumpy Cat...just sayin'...

  2. She looks like a tiny raccoon!
    Good girl, doing her job.

  3. That last photo makes me think of the names Bandit or Phantom (of the Opera)for her now. She's a pretty terminator, that's for sure!

  4. Hope the lil darling doesn't spend her day in the dark. Those are beautiful blue eyes.

  5. Was it Greta Garbo who said "I vant to be alone". I think that is the new girl's motto!

  6. I am sure once she associates you with cat food she will come out ;p I would say that since you have not spotted any rodents that she is doing her job!!

  7. she is so beautiful. i like the name patches or maybe just Old Blue eyes with blue for short. she is gorgeous...neat contraption.

  8. Ok, here is my prediction, based on years of barn cat experience. This little gal will become less and less wary of you as time goes on. And then one day she will surprise you and actually let you touch her. After some point, she may even ask for it. Been there.

  9. My mother's name was Viola and she had blue eyes and was very pretty. She also was pretty grumpy a lot of the time (maybe because her name was Viola, a name I just think might make one grumpy?)

    Could this pretty blue eyed grumpy kitty perhaps be Viola?

  10. I love the long journey up Ms. Lucy's nose to her lovely soft "I love you, Mom" eyes. She's so sweet.
    And yeah for the mouser, already hard at work. Pretty girls all. Oma Linda

  11. TC has one of those light set ups as well. He loves it. Although Lucy does a much better job of modeling it than he does.

    She looks like a warrior kitty to me. I would name her after Joan of Ark, or Xena.

  12. Aaaah...a Blue update... Thanks Carson!!!! (You don't mind if I move into the feed room with her, do you?)

  13. Ahh! Look, she has a toy! :)

  14. My Father has a hat with a built in LED light. He uses it in dark restaurants to read the menu, among other uses. I like your attachable one. It would be good for camping.
    Barn Kittie is just gorgeous. Colico's are the best mousers.

  15. Didn't know what that was in the first picture, but it looks really cute on Lucy. Handy to have, too. I'll be glad when the kitty's 30 days are up and she can venture outside. She looks like a Sassy or Jezzy to me.

  16. I bet Zena/Xena is as happy as she has ever been!

    If she does this bang up job, will you still look for a partner for her?

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  17. i think rosedel has a good name idea there... 'Garbo!'
    "Re-Greta Garbo".

    She sure looks pained at being spotted.
    You could call her Spot!
    or not;p

  18. btw, is she 'pottytrained'? (don't know the English word that's suitable for pets)? I hope so!

  19. this barn-cat girl looks quite delicate and pretty. I hope she becomes friend with Lucy (and you)!

  20. How about Matty, with that long fur and not being able to handle her that's just what she'll be........

  21. She looks like Esmeralda to me.... Lol don't you love getting all these (unwanted) suggestions!!

  22. Kudos to you for resolving a solution to your varmint problem and the homing issue for this girl. It will work out right for you both.

    Love her little toy....

  23. What a lovely cat. I'd call her Gracie. And the hat light, an excellent find, appreciate your sharing.

  24. The photo with Lucy with the hat on is the best picture yet! Makes me laugh everytime I look at it!

  25. Ha! I love the headlights and Lucy is a most excellent model!!

    That cat has surely stolen my heart. I just want to scoop her up and give her a big squeeze and a kiss on the head. Her worst nightmare, I'm sure.

    How about "Smudge" for a name? She has that lovely sooty face and puts me in mind of London street urchins from days gone by who swept chimneys and had to squeeze into tight spots. Does she have a Cockney accent, by any chance?