Monday, April 8, 2013

I do all the work and Lucy and the boys get to lick the bowl

I've got to admire the grass out here. It's trying its hardest to grow. But unless it rains sometime soon,
all we can do is stand around and wait. In a good year, I would be able to stop feeding hay 
to Lucy and the boys sometime in April. The pasture grass would be enough to sustain them.
This is not a good year. 

With my hay supply rapidly dwindling, I had no choice but to spend Sunday making a hay run. 
It's pretty much an all-day affair by the time I hook up the trailer, go to town, load 70 bales, 
drive home, unload 70 bales, unhook the trailer, then pass out.

The best part of hay day as far as the herd is concerned is that moment when I drive the unloaded trailer
into the corral and let them snack on all the loose hay that fell out of the bales.

Lucy: Mmmmm....there's nothing like the smell of fresh hay.

Lucy: You were gone all day and this is all you've got to show for it? 

Just as Lucy, Alan and George were contemplating the wisdom of entering the trailer
for their snack...

...the equivalent of a dorsal fin appeared behind the trailer door.

Hank moved in and Lucy moved out.

Lucy: So much for that snack. Damn horse is gonna eat every last bit.

Lucy: Let's go eat mom's truck instead.

Me, in my sternest voice: Lucille...

Lucy: I hate it when she calls me that.


  1. :) What's Lucy's middle name?

  2. once again I have smiled my way through your story and laughed out loud at a few, the last one is my favorite. my mother was Lucille and my middle name is Lucille and I have always hated that name. now i like my middle name more....wish i looked as good as your Lucille.. i am wondering in donkeys aren't second cousins to cats... with all the curiosity they have.

  3. Was I the only one who heard the theme music from Jaws when Hank's ears appeared?

  4. Oh, that achy tiredness that comes from handling hay - (not to mention the scratches and itchy places) I bet you did just about pass out from exhaustion.
    Love the 'equivalent of a dorsal fin'!

  5. As always...over the top comical. Make sure you keep us up to date on (not-suite) Judy BlueEyes....devil cat. I am predicting that Mr. Misunderstood ends up in the house, and Jude (take a sad song, and make it better!)
    will take over the barn. Just saying......

  6. you and your herd always start our day in a good place. Laughter and 7MSN are synonymous.
    The grands provided the theme to jaws as soon as they read your comment. Annoying song that....
    Hope ya get rested up today. Oma Linda

  7. Oh no,so soon? I don't know how you do it, except I know you have to for your kids.
    I would be found the next day sleeping on a bale in the barn...
    Hank steals the show again plus the the ear fins

  8. How cool, you truck looks exactly like mine! Same color and style, mine just has upright mirrors instead. Almost twins!
    Hanks ears made me chuckle. Nothing like good leftover, loose hay to make equines happy

  9. Yeah, I'll be humming the theme from Jaws all day!! And remembering the SNL land shark version. Have you decided on the permanent name for hissing blue eyes?

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. I know what you mean, Lucy. I hate it when mom calls out, "Lady Caroline Lamb" instead of just Caroline. I know she caught me at something.

  11. The photo and caption where Lucy said"this is all you have to show for it" is PERFECT :)

  12. Do horses usually trump donkeys/burros? Or is Hank the pasture manager in any situation?

    Hope Blue is hanging in there. She is magnificent and I don't want to think about how she was treated (or not) to have earned the "biting and unadoptable label. This can't be easy for you but I thank you for sharing this corner of your vulnerability.

  13. "...the equivalent of a dorsal fin appeared behind the trailer door"

    Best. Line. Ever.

    Thanks for a bedtime laugh big enough to startle the dogs.