Sunday, April 7, 2013

Behind blue eyes

K, the adopt-a-barn-cat lady, arrived on schedule Saturday afternoon. 
She brought me a 5-year-old female and a 1.5 year old male.

This is the female in her crate, before we took her out of K's car. 
I did not photoshop this image. Her eyes really are that blue and sparkly.
She was an "owner surrender" to the Albuquerque Animal Shelter. 
Her paperwork is stamped all over in red with "BITE CASE" and "CAUTION."
The shelter released her to the barn cat program because she was not adoptable.
K thought she would be a good fit for my barn, and I agree. She can bite all the mice she wants.

This is the male as K let him out of his crate. He was released to the barn cat program because
the staff at the shelter deemed him unadoptable. Apparently they couldn't get near him 
or work with him in any friendly way. Maybe they didn't try hard enough. 

When K let him out of his crate, he was as friendly as could be. 
He wasn't the least bit feral or afraid of us.
He started playing with the toys K had brought and curled right up at our feet for a nap.
It was clear to me that this guy was domesticated and accustomed to a life of luxury.
I imagined him peering in my windows asking to come in the house. 
I imagined mice and packrats taking over the ranch because I gave in to his demands.
I imagined getting instantly attached to him and this not working out at all.
K understood completely. We agreed this was not a good match, and she took him back with her.
She will identify a more suitable match, and I will pick him up the next time I'm in town.

So for now, there is one people-hating, blue-eyed cat living behind the hay bales
in my feed room.

She is not afraid of the camera and is in desperate need of a better name than Sinatra or Judy
(and anybody who gets the Judy reference wins bragging rights).
Your suggestions are welcome.

Which reminds me, as of yesterday, I have turned off the option in the comments window that allows "anonymous" comments. It pains me to do this because I want anybody who has something to say to be able to do so, but I was overwhelmed this week by thousands of anonymous spam comments written in Chinese. So if you've been leaving comments anonymously, I think this means that you will have to figure out how to register or log in or join or do something. It's all very confusing. Email me at the7msn at gmail dot com if you need help and we'll try to figure it out.


  1. She has no reason not to like the flash box.
    She is so cute ! And her face is just unique !

  2. *waving hand desperately* I know, I know; Suite: Judy Blue Eyes!

  3. Harley short for harlequin?

  4. I vote for Callie the calico cat. Thanks for giving her a new life.

  5. This mouse hunter is a beauty. Her eyes are sparkeling like diamonds.
    Hope the male cat finds a good home soon.

  6. Those blue eyes are just WOW eh!! how about "killer blue". Now go and get those freeloading rodents....

  7. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes", I'm guessing. Crosby, Stills and Nash.

    That was brave of you to send Little Mister Domesticated back. Maybe now K will convince the Staff that he's totally adoptable!!!

    You could keep the blue eyes thing going and name her Lizzie Taylor.

    Congratulations. The 7MSN is now gender balanced...for the time being!

  8. I think a new contest is in order. How long do you think this gorgeous creature will remain feral?

  9. this feral cat is just gorgeous. hope she likes mice and rats. a suggestion for people not registered, is you can add follow by email gadget and they can follow that way. i did that for 2 of my followers. happy for you and for the feral cats

  10. You are so brave! Know that we are with you 100% on this project, bites, broken hearts, the whole enchilada.

  11. I had trouble sending my comment so here goes again. I think Judy refers to CSNY and their song "Judy Blue Eyes".
    I suggest "Merlin" for this beautiful cat while not referring to her eyes, she disappears behind hay bales hiding from people and waiting for mice.

    Congrats she has a wonderful home and good luck finding another little guy to help out too.

    Best always, Sandra

  12. Well, she LOOKS "suite", doesn't she? Probably part of her master plan for barn domination. Hopefully now, Mr.Friendly will get the household home he wants. He was probably just freaked out, before.

  13. She is beautiful. Secretly hoping she makes her way into the house. Her name must be Blue.

  14. She's gorgeous! Can't wait to see if she remains hostile long. Oh I hope we get LOTS of posts about her. Incredibly brave to send the other kitty back... Sigh...

  15. She looks like she'll own the place (at least the barn) in nothing flat. I think her name should be "Serendipity" or "Sera" for short. Best of luck with your new 7MSN critter!

  16. I vote for "Mirage"! Being feral she'll be "now you see me, now you don't" after all :)

  17. She's just so beautiful! I know you have a penchant for Country Music names...and I know how much "Minnie Pearl" cared for the Nashville Humane Association. Just tossin' a potential thought in memory of Mrs. Sarah Ophelia Colley Cannon. :)
    Love you for taking her in.
    ~Auntie Em~

  18. No name ideas, but congratulations to you and pretty Ms. Blue Eyes. I hope she can keep that gorgeous fur from becoming matted, or becomes friendly enough to permit the occasional brushing! Sounds like she's been a pet kitty, so I also hope she quickly develops a taste for mousies and packrats.
    I fully understand the switch to 'no anonymous comments' - I had to switch to one of those horrid 'prove you are not a robot' tests to eliminate the hundreds of foreign spam.

  19. I wish you had kept the other kitty as he needed a home and what a home you could have given him. Maybe think about that .. just saying.

  20. Good luck keeping this sweet little Kittyco at arms length. She's just waiting for the right home and it looks like she found it.
    peace n abundance,

  21. Those incredible eyes!!
    I'd call her Amoxicillin, just in case she bites you by mistake.
    Looking forward to hear about her adventures and her new partner.
    Well done, Carson!
    (and btw, hi Carsons parents!)
    Els from Amsterdam

  22. what about Saphir, I think it is the name of a blue precious stone?

  23. Gorgeous cat! She could freeze mice in their tracks with one glare from those icy blue eyes!
    She needs a fierce name.
    Country and fierce.....
    Annie (Oakley)
    Calamity Jane

  24. Call her Baby (Elton John's song, Blue Eyes: "Baby's got blue eyes....")

  25. She looks like Emily to me. As soon as I turned of my anonymous comments all the spam disappeared. A quick way to solve the problem.

  26. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes is a great looking cat. I got the reference right away... showing my age.

  27. Going with country names, how bout Patsy or Skeeter?

  28. She is a fearsome example of "don't you dare domesticate me" cat. Love the startling coloring and blue eyes. No ideas on names. My country music knowledge is quite limited.

    She never would have allowed that sweetie to share her space.Congratulations on the new herd member. Could be that she will settle in and become more relaxed within the safety of the 7MSN world. Hope so.

  29. What a beautiful feral cat! I know I already told you (probably twice) that my Emma was a NYC alley cat. Wait! No! You will not get attached to this monster! And you're already looking for a name???

    Nancy in Iowa

  30. I know you're looking for a name other than Sinatra, but if you did choose it and then named the second one Dino or Sammy (or Joey etc.) you would have your very own pack rat Rat Pack!

  31. I forgot to offer a name suggestion!!! Her eyes remind me of some marbles I had as a kid - crackly like that. How about Marble?


  32. Found your post through "Pix" (Under The Oaks). That is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.
    And I'm old enough to get the "Judy" reference!
    Looking forward to checking out more of your posts!

  33. Daniel Craig: Mr. Absolutely-the-Most-Beautiful-Blue-Eyes-in-the-World. OK. Not country, but still a "killer" theme: Bond. James Bond. OK. Not female. Pussy Galore?

  34. You done good Carson. Now Mr. Friendly can go to live indoors and rule his humans....and Bonnie Blue Belle Butler can stay in the barn and take to her duties. Bonnie Blue loved horses.....I know it's not country but it's horsey. And she will be gone with the wind and outta sight.
    Happy Sunday, Oma Linda

  35. Taylor Swift has blue eyes and you like using country singer names for your herd. But, the names I like are Minnie Pearl or Crystal Gayle.

  36. Awe, sweet Judy blue eyes! She's beautiful I hope she likes her new home and does her job. Good luck.

  37. there is some reference to Daphne the Brilliant Blue...or my choice is Sky. She is stunning for sure, can't miss those gorgeous eyes. Sorry about the other kitty who just wants cozy time...hope he finds it! Good luck with your new vermin eradicator! rawr!!!

  38. i'm glad you sent the boy back. my cat is so much wilder than he is. what my vet says gives her a higher survival rate. she hid a week...

    my what a pretty one you got. i truly hope this works out for you. i can just imagine what you're going thru.

    now. i'm about to post some photos of my donkeys playing at sex on my blog. i thought, since you never have, perhaps it is a cultural faux-pas. but ...i'm in germany, where nudity and sex are nothing to blush at. it will be PG13.

    @ Elsewhere: "I'll call her Amoxycillin in case she bites you" !?!??! *ROTLF*!!!

  39. The shelter people seem to misunderstand what a feral cat is. I have 8 that are truly feral, they don't walk, they sneak everywhere. They do not even like to be seen by humans, I'm the only one they tolerate and that's when I'm bringing food, and I have to leave before they'll eat it. Yes, that hurts my feelings, but I know that if they're going to survive they need to be suspicious of everything. I think your calico with the blue eyes probably learned to bite because people couldn't keep their hands off her. I wouldn't be able to.

  40. She's beautiful! You definitely need a fierce name! Sweet little other cat..... Hopefully now they'll know he's adoptable!

  41. PS: Margaret likes the name Selena. Although it is not fierce, that is her vote :-)

  42. Cats are exotic creatures and deserve exotic names. We like Z names here. How about Zena?

    Jo, and Zkhat aka Zophia

  43. She looks as tough as Scarlet O'hara...'GWTW' Blame it on Linda W. LOL..
    I had a Stormy Gale who's face looked like your kitty's.. like a storm hit .... or Will.
    We were recently adopted by a feral cat ... he's very friendly now but is a ferocious hunter ... I have no more humming birds...
    grasshoppers are die-ing by the thousands. He WILL disappear at some point.. we know this. our hearts will break, again.

    but.. I Got your Judy blue eyes reference and because I am of that age group, am in the time of life where death is more part of our lives. Dad just died, Uncles and Aunts last year... Sisters and brothers, cousins & friends are right up there in line.
    I know it hurt when Deets disappeared but you were a better person for having him in your life.. we're you not? We have two elderly cats ready to kick that old bucket down the road any day now.
    Grief is awful..
    Have you seen the movie...'Second hand Lions'?
    Perhaps living life fully and dieing with ones "boots on" is not so terrible if a little love is part of the program. Aye?

    You don't Have to post this comment.. I just wanted you to know i think you are fantastic and are an inspiration.
    Thanks for showing us how it's done!

  44. Sapphire? I used to have contacts that color and just loved the look of them.
    Judy Blue Eyes! So I suppose you could just call her Judy. Good quick name for a cat that you won't see much of apparently.

  45. How about "Cruella" as in Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmations?

    or Jinx?

  46. I am also old enough to get the Judy reference. :) She is a beauty. I don't have any great ideas for names...need time to mull that over. But I do agree she needs a fierce/feisty name.

  47. hi Lyndie... Jim and I think " Miss Ze-blue"would be perfect....she is beautiful and yet we are certain will grow into a great hunter....another idea would ne Min-eu, French for car....

  48. "Today among the country people of Greece, people with blue or green eyes are believed to be capable of matiasma, the evil eye." So, according to the Greek, her name should be Matty--short for Matiasma. Her eyes really are other-worldly. She does look like she'd eat you alive in that last picture.
    Like everyone has already said, Kudos for sending the boy back. You obviously know yourself very well. :)

  49. OMG...I'm hopelessly in love. *sigh* Smitten, bitten, and putty in her paws. I'll think on a name to offer up for consideration. She's lovely.

    You're made of stronger stuff than me, to have sent the cuddler back with K. Probably best for everyone though.

    I'd love to shut off my "anonymous" comments option - I'm constantly getting spammed, as well. So far, I'm just moderating them.

  50. Oh wow, I'm impressed that you could send the friendly moggie back - his little bed would be under my kitchen table in nanoseconds!
    Looks like a goodly proportion of us are old enough to get the "Judy" reference - LOL.

    On the "Sinatra" theme, how about "Nancy"? Or if that's a bit naff, how about "Neela", which is Indian for blue?

  51. She is gorgeous....Don't have a clue what to name her....The boy kittie was cute...Wish I lived near, I would have taken him....I LOVE cats...We had 4, Maggie had to be put down a yr and 1/2 ago and now we have Hannah(our Siamese), Samuel(our Bombay) and Saetia(just a black cat)
    LOVE from NC

  52. She is beautiful! I have never seen a Siamese Calico before! Hope she warms up to you soon!!

    I also had to shut off the anonymous because of spam

  53. Azul, Bleu, Blau, Azure, or the ever popular She-Devil.

    That's all we have.

  54. She certainly is gorgeous. Maybe a little alone time will sweeten her disposition.

    She looks as if she has a right to the description "feral," doesn't she? I think I'm afraid of her.

  55. She's gorgeous! How about naming her Miss Kitty?

  56. Oh, I forgot... Reba? Skye, as in "Bullet the Blue Sky"?

  57. She is one of the prettiest cats I have ever seen. I hope it's a mutually beneficial rodent-free relationship! (And if she warmed up to you enough to let you scratch her behind the ears once or twice, would that really be so bad?)

    A friend of mine has a feral cat in her back yard that she named Will Feral. Although it's not gender appropriate, it cracks me up every time so I thought I'd pass it along.

  58. Lizzie looks like a good fit for her. The first picture took my breath away! Her eyes are awesome! But I also like the WILL FERAL! teehee

  59. No one knows what it's like, to be the bad cat, to be the sad cat, behind blue eyes...

  60. While I can appreciate the job she's been brought in to do, my heart hurts at the thought of her being outside 24/7 now after probably being inside most if not all of her life. As it is here in Okla, your summers and winters can be brutal.

    As for a name, I respectfully submit Camo.

  61. I would name her Fire, or Spitfire, for the fire in her eyes. Sorry, but when I look at her face and eyes, I do not see 'sweet'. She is pretty, I give you that, but not sweet, just a spitfire. Good for her!

  62. Uh, oh...we're all doomed...she is beeeyoootiful..... we're already attached ..... sigh....