Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The boys' club

Before I left on my hay expedition Sunday morning, I wanted to spend some time with my herd. All I had to do was find them.
Hank is always the first one I spot. Thank goodness for those white patches – he's the only one who doesn't blend into the scenery. 
If I can find Hank, the others are sure to be within a hundred yards. Except for this time.
I looked and looked and looked and couldn't find Lucy, George or Alan. Hank didn't know where they were either.

Hank: They were right here a minute ago.

Finally, Lucy poked out from behind a tree. I knew George and Alan had to be somewhere close.

Me: There you are! You certainly look comfortable ... except for all that brush sticking to your head.

George and Alan had found the perfect shady spot to take a nap.

Alan: Shhh...don't tell Hank and Lucy where we are.

Me: Too late. Hank figured it out.

Hank: Outta my way. I think I might like it here.

George: You're squishing me. Cut it out.
Alan: I can't help it. Hank's taking up more than his fair share of the shade.

Hank: Don't tell Lucy where we are. No room for girls here.
Me: Excuse me?
Hank: Except for you, of course.

Lucy: I wouldn't stand under that tree if you paid me. They fart too much.


  1. Lucy is such a discerning girl, dainty and choosey about who she spends her time with!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  2. THe dues we must pay to be part of a herd.....tee hee.

  3. Lucy knows boys so well!

  4. Well played, Lucy, well played.

  5. I wished I was hanging out with the gang in the shade instead of having snow with below zero temps with the wind chill. Scratching long ears or butts would be the highlight.

  6. And another hilarious conversation with the kids!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. I love the picture with Hank peeking through the tree. You captured a nice glimpse!

  8. It's like a boys club. No girls allowed. Or Lucy doesn't want to be over there with the stinky boys. Love all the peeking and spying.

  9. btw How are Hank's man boobs doing?
    Els from Amsterdam

  10. I really, really like the solitary Hank picture. He looks very handsome and old West.