Sunday, March 10, 2013

The rougher and rockier road to Walmart

There are two ways to get from the 7MSN to the highway – the rough and rocky road or the rougher and rockier road. 
Yesterday, Smooch and I chose the later just 'cause we felt like it. Turns out it was a good decision.

Smooch: Pronghorn at 3:00. Slow down and pay attention.

Me: Have I told you today what a good co-pilot you are?

Smooch: Cut the chit-chat. They're crossing back over the road and you're going to hit them.

Me: Smooch, look up there, at the top of the cliff right below the tree.
Smooch: What? Where? I don't see anything.

I didn't either for the first 6 or 7 years I lived here, then one of my houseguests pointed it out.

There's a cross up there. I'm not sure of its significance. Maybe it marks the grave of some cowboy or outlaw. 
Let this be a warning to my next houseguest ... bring your hiking boots, we've got some explorin' to do.

Anyway, onward to Walmart we went, up and down the long and winding, rougher and rockier road.
We hoped to make it home before it got snowier or muddier.

As we rounded the last bend, we were greeted by some friendly cows who ran right over to us.

Their rancher and I must drive the same color truck.
They seemed very disappointed that mine was not dispensing any feed.

I wanted so badly to remove the cholla from this cow's nose, but she looked pregnant and grumpy and I didn't want to cause a stampede.

How now, brown cow? You've been photo-bombing all my pictures. Who's your mama?
You'll tell me tomorrow? Ok. See you then.


  1. i am wallowing in envy over the life you live and this trip to town... at least i get to drive that wonderful and oh so beautiful rocky road with you... those cows are awesome and the pronged thingys are to.... what a trip. love your co pilot to

  2. Wow!! I wish my route to walmart was as interesting eh!!

  3. p.s. why wait for a house guest...go and climb that hill before the weather gets to hot ;-) you are a blogger and wondering minds wanna know eh ;p

  4. Wow, your ride to Walmart sure is more exciting then mine!
    Smooch sure is a great traveling companion/co-pilot.

    What town is in the valley we see in the pictures? How long does it take you to get from the ranch to Wally World?

  5. Both ways out are equally interesting to me. One who takes for granted paved, shoveled roads. I love the beautiful mountains and cloud formations and the cows never get boring...
    I'm glad you remembered your last run in with one and held back those maternal instincts

  6. I bet your truck looks like my car. I took the scenic route home from Wal Mart yesterday, and I'm lucky it made it through the mud without getting stuck. My husband came home and his first words were "what happened to the car?". I had fun though!

  7. Pat, it's so nice to see you again. There isn't any town in that valley - just an old abandoned railroad siding. And if I don't stop to take any pictures, the trip to Walmart takes about an hour and five minutes.

  8. Well, that beats my trip to Walmart for sure. The rock formation looks like a good place for snakes to sunbathe. Just sayin. I'm glad you stayed in the truck, but poor mama cow! I know Smooch loves these rides.

  9. Love your rougher road to Wally World...So much to take in with the pictures of everything you have to see in the desert...Poor cow with that stuff on the face...I hear that is dangerous to humans...My friend lives W of Phoenix and they have the same plant or bush...
    Thanks for the great trip to town...
    Love from NC

  10. Photobombing brown cow has perfected her surly look.

    Our Walmart round trip clocks in at 3 hours. Haven't hit Wally world in quite while due to frequent weather interruptions breaking our road to the mainland. (taking surly look tips from brown cow)

  11. Fuzzy face baby cows!
    I wonder if I could knit one?

    Thanks for being happy for me. I heart my kitty.

  12. That third picture is breathtaking, it's so crisp and clear it makes me feel like I'm there, too.

  13. Love the pics, especially the pronghorns crossing the road in front of the mountains. :)

  14. "Let this be a warning to my next houseguest" Whew!!! I thought your next line was going to be "this is where the last one ended up";-)


  15. The vistas are absolutely gorgeous from your corner of the state. But I said that before huh? After traversing the less rocky road I can't imagine the other road....oi vey.
    It like you go on safari every time you make a trip to the highway, you are truly blessed.
    How now brown now gonna be the girl grands latest, I'll use that for everything phrase. You cracked her up. Oma Linda

  16. Oh the things you see on your field trips!
    I thought of you and your art fence yesterday. I was cleaning/washing the vintage steer skull in the bathtub. Thing got dusty after 10 years on the wall. Clorox Cleanup does the trick but it is taking forever for the skull to dry!

  17. What fun adventures along the rougher and rocky road. That cow with the sharp horns looks intimidating.... I probably would have gone on by with or without feed.

    I'm sure your next houseguest is hopin' that explorin' is a promise and not a threat.....

  18. Oh I so want to put on the boots and explore that area with the cross!! Im knee deep in the Lonesome Dove series (reading all four books) and am totally consumed by the mystery of that cross on the hill.