Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's put words in their mouths

Lucy is half listening to what her brothers are saying behind her back but doesn't seem to care.

What are George and Alan saying? I stared at this picture last night for an hour and couldn't figure it out. Maybe you can. 
Bragging rights and a set of crocheted dish cloths goes to the commenter who submits the funniest conversation.
Contest closes at 7 pm Mountain time on Wednesday.


  1. George: Look at that ass. Would I ever like to take a bite out of that. You distract her Alan, while I casually saunter up to that fancy backside.
    Alan: Are you drunk George??? That ass will have you for lunch before you can say 'Mom, Save Me'

    Mary Anne Rudolph
    Cosby TN

  2. Alan: "That's one great b-donkey-donk butt, dontcha think, George?"
    George: "Yea, but don't say it too loud, she'll get a big head!"

  3. Alan: Does her ass look bigger to you?

    George: nahhhh....it's the just the light out here....

  4. Hay Allen, Don't tell Lucy but her Ass REALLY does look bigger in that fur coat.

  5. Alan to George in a little burro whisper:

    "No, no. You've got it all wrong. If we're going to play 'Follow Little Miss Diva' you have to put your RIGHT foot forward. NOT that right, your OTHER right! And cock one ear forward...you've got them both back.

    See how I'm doing it? Wait...this is harder than it looks!"

    Lucy(in a thought bubble): "Those nitwits! They are so easily amused. As soon as they get it right, I'm going to move again and LMAO!"

  6. Alan: "I think her butt is getting bigger"
    George:"Whoa don't go there..."

  7. Don't tell anyone this, but Lucy was out ALL night last night.. I saw her sneaking in the barn at 5 AM..let's tell Mom.

  8. Diane from NC3/12/13, 5:52 AM

    Allen: What did she say? George: She said we were a couple of dumb asses.

  9. Alan: Go ahead George tell her….

    George: It’s your turn you remember what happened last time?

    Alan: It’s not my fault your delivery was bad.

    George: eh-hem Lucy Alan wants me to tell you that fly on your butt make your ass look huge.


  10. Alan..dude her ass got big this winter.
    G..I know,should we tell her
    A...NOOOOO girls are weird about that stuff.

    Lucy.....yeah and spring is around the corner and who gets to go on trail rides all alone with mom...MEE. I plan it all winter. boys are so stupid.

  11. Alan: Do you think she knows we're here?

    George: Of course she does, her antenna's pointed right at us!

  12. Warning: PG-rated conversation:

    George: "Alan, quit checking out her ears... Her face is down there."

  13. George: "Look at her. She thinks she's the queen of everything."

    Alan: "Well...she kinda is!"

    George: "No. Wynonna is the queen of EVERYTHING."

    Alan: "No. Wynonna is the Porcine Princess."

    George: "Whatever. Let's go find the jolly ball!"

  14. Allan: Look at THAT ass!
    George: Wow. That was lame.
    Lucy: Mom. Seriously. This is what I put up with. Can you please spare me a few hours this week in the form of a ride around the ranch?

  15. Alan: She thinks that just because she's bigger than us she can get to the hay faster.
    George: She's right!
    Lucy: Na na na na nah!

  16. Mom thinks we're talking about Lucy, but we really just wanted to be included in this blog post.

  17. George: You do it
    Alan: Not me, you do it
    George: No way, you do it
    Alan: Are you crazy? I'm not doing it.
    George: Well someone has too
    Alan: Lets get Hank, he'll do anything!

    Lucy: You know I can hear your both, right?

  18. Remember, Lucy said to stay still for minute and then we all start doing the Harlem Shake! I hope it is easier than when she tried to get us to do Gangnam Style...

  19. Allan: I'd tap that ass
    George: What does that mean?
    Allan: I don't actually know, but I heard it on TV.

  20. Alan : I like big butts and I cannot lie.

    George : I'm going to pretend like I didn't hear that. La la la la la

    Lucy : Mooooom, the boys are being immature.

  21. Allen: Don't tell Lucy but, I really do like her a lot !!! :) Jeanne in SC

  22. Lucy - Does my ass look big to you?

    George - (whispered) "it really is....will you tell her"....

    Allen - (whispering back) "I'm not going to tell her - are you crazy?"

    George - (whispering) "Let's find Wynonna.....she'll say anything!"

  23. Alan: Hey why's she stopping?
    George: She's waiting for us to catch up.
    Alan: You sure, she can barely stand us most times.
    George: I know but remember mom said she was in season or some dumb thing, and she's looking for a date.
    Alan: GROSS!
    Lucy: Losers, I'm just stopping for a photo op...Mom, when's the next play date with the Morning Brey studs, uh I mean friends...
    George: Told ya....stay back!

  24. Alan: "Shh...don't tell her but I just farted..."
    George: "No kidding"

  25. Alan: She said something about forbidden fruit.
    George: No, she said the apple does not fall far from the tree.
    Alan: I don't see any apples around here, I don't get it.
    Lucy: Exactly...dumb and dumberer.

  26. Alan: should we tell her she has toilet paper stuck on her butt?
    George: naw... We'll just stare at her and whisper, she hates that!

  27. Alan: what? she's stopped. what'd we do now?
    George: shhhhh, stay back here. it's safer.
    Alan: how long will this take? we've got to get home.
    George: who knows...if we move on past her she could jump us!!! she's crazy these days, we can't trust her.
    Lucy: I can hear you 2 idiots. And for that i think i'll just relax here for awhile. How ya like them apples? Dumb asses.

  28. Allen: Come on lets sneak up on her..maybe we can get her to play!!
    George:You go up on the right and I will go up on the left and we can corner her
    Lucy: You idoits you know I can hear you and dont you know I am too sophisticated to play.


  29. HUMPH ~ get a load of miss dainty feet posing like a Mule model for the camera ~ leaving us in the background like we were a couple of unworthy asses! The nerve!

  30. Alan: Nice Ass!
    George: For sure.

  31. Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back" lyrics come to mind! I don't want to post the lyrics. . . they're a little naughty :-) xo

  32. Sir Mix-A-Lot "Baby Got Back" lyrics come to mind. Don't want to post them here - they're a little naughty : )

  33. "Are we there yet George? How much longer?"

    "I don't know...are we lost...Lucy, do you think we're lost...where are we...maybe you should go left instead of right here?"

    *sigh* "I can't stand backseat drivers."

  34. Should we tell her she's adopted?

  35. George: But, look, what if I stand really tall?
    Alan: Nope, she's still much taller than you.
    Lucy: Besides, I'm gated, George. Forget about taking my place as a riding donkey.

    Not funny, just what I hear them say! ;)

  36. George: Oh no, she's going to hog Mom's attention yet again...
    Alan: Psst, quick, on the count of three I create a diversion and you charge ahead and get to Mom first...
    Lucy: Go ahead, make my day...

  37. Alan: "With those ears, do you think she could get us better reception on the TV?"
    George: "Yea, I understand ESPN has Jolly Ball finals on today."