Monday, March 25, 2013

Hope springs eternal

Me: Is that a spring in your step, Hank, or are you just happy to see me? 

Hank: Out of my way. I'm on a mission.

Me: Sounds suspicious. What are you up to?

Hank: I don't have time to explain myself. Could you move, please?

Me: Would somebody please tell me what's going on?

George: Can't you hear it? The grass is growing!

I took their word for it and followed them down the trail to the back 40.

Lucy: It's coming from over there.

Well, I'll be darned. They were right.

We're still a long way from green pastures, but hope springs eternal.


  1. they are so smart, i wonder if they smell it. my favorite today is the triple butt shot

  2. Ah the sight and smell of little green shoots. It's spring at your place. Congrats. Now it's my turn.
    I sure am looking forward to it.
    Best always,

  3. OH OH OH!!! Lookie, green grass!!! Mine is still under 3 feet of snow here in Alberta:-( Hopefully it should be gonzo soon......

  4. Those are some stylish 'kicks' on Hank. I never noticed them before.

  5. Mmmmm, nom en nom en nom!
    I think I can feel it, too!

  6. Ha hahha, can't you smell the grass!

    I mentioned you in my blog today, and no this isn't spam! I'm having a giveaway of a book called 'horsepower' and the woman in it really reminded me of you. She is this awesome independent lady, but one scene specifically made me feel like something you would do.

    She wanted to dress her Belgian up in bells for Christmas, so she went to wal Mart and dug through a huge box of bells and shook every single one and none of them sounded how she wanted them to sound, so she left without buying any. She went back the next week and one of them employees mentioned that they were confused because she say there and shook a bunch of bells and left!!

    The entire scene was so comical, it made me laugh so hard!

  7. Oops, I forgot to tell you where to find my blog!!

  8. Boy, those equine kids really know how to show you a good time! Glad you've got some grass - ours is still brown and the few robins I've seen stand around, puzzled by the snow still on the ground.

    Happy Spring!
    Nancy in Iowa

  9. It must be exciting for them to walk that path and find green grass. The grass is greening up here but it's spitting snow today.

  10. Every day I check my pasture- with the help of my ponies, for any new signs of greenness.

    Nothing yet, but perhaps we should be listening instead of watching!

  11. How nice for them to enjoy a tasty morsel of sweetness.

  12. Our grass is still buried under about three feet of snow! Stella the dog can't wait for it, sometimes when we go walking she finds little spots of grass where the snow has been plowed and she just sticks her nose down in and gets a little chew!

    We are all just Spring-sick I think!

    Jo in MN

  13. Keep the faith. It's coming!

  14. Hmm, no grass here - just snow covered brown stuff. I love the three butt photo!