Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why did the chicken stick her neck through the fence?

To get to the ice on the other side. 
My chickens are so weird that nothing they do surprises me anymore.

They are obsessed with water in all its forms. 

Perhaps the ice I've been removing from the stock tank these recent mornings helps to cleanse their palates.

Eugenia: I'm certain the folks at home would rather see me eating a snow cone than a tarantula or a mouse.
Me: Your point is well taken. Go lay an egg and we'll call this post done.


  1. I think I heard you write this post halfway around the globe! Woke up in the middle of the night and had the image of two of your hens, a brown and a white one, in my mind, and wondered how your "girls" were doing (esp. the one who laid that ginormous egg). I admit I gasped when I saw today's post!! Oh well, as long as I don't hear the grass grow in the back 40, I guess we can just file this under WTH? and not worry about it. ;-)

  2. Good to see the Ladies again. Nice pics.

  3. Chickens eat mice?!?! no fried eggs for me for awhile...

  4. Reminds me of my dog--she'll eat so much snow or ice she starts shivering. Anything to fill the ol' stomach--or crop, in this case.

  5. My dog loves to eat ice. It's our cheap treat. She also pulls chunks from an outdoor fountain, once eating so much she began to tremble from the cold. Dilly sog!

  6. Good morning, pretty ladies. I've never spent time around chickens, but I feel like I know these girls. Always happy to see them.

  7. They are craving sno-cones! :D

    Theresa...chickens are omnivorous and have been known to cannibalize each other. They are scavengers. It's a dirty chicken secret most people don't know, which is why I always chuckle and shake my head when I see eggs advertised as coming from chickens that eat a "vegetarian" diet. Chickens are NOT vegetarians. The things I've watched my chickens eat...oh boy! I love 'em and love the eggs, no matter what they decide to gobble up.

  8. Regarding chickens, may I submit you the beginning of an article you can find on http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn13772-t-rex-kinship-with-chickens-confirmed.html:
    Tyrannosaurus rex, meet the chicken - your third cousin more than 100 million years removed. A new family tree based on protein sequences recovered from dinosaur fossils firms up the dinosaur's avian lineage.
    "Palaeontologists have known this overall connection. We have now confirmed it with molecular data," says John Asara, a biochemist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, who led the study.
    His team compared sequences of a collagen protein recovered from a 68 million-year old T. rex fossil and a half-million year old mastodon (a kind of extinct elephant) with those same sequences from 21 modern animals - including chicken, alligator, elephant and human.
    may be an explanation for the egg size at lease? and eating ice?

  9. Ok, learned something new about chickens today! They are very nice looking too!

    Happy Tuesday!