Sunday, March 24, 2013

Playing with mom's new toy

It was wicked windy on Saturday afternoon. I took this picture from inside the sunroom around 2:30,
when the gusts were gusting around 50 mph. Funny thing is, I didn't mind.

I was hanging out with my dog, who was convinced the roof was going to blow off,

and watching a DVD on my new computer, on my lap, in the sunroom.
For someone who has been shackled to a desktop computer in her office for 15 years,
this is a game changer.
Now I can blog and shop and google from anywhere in the house!
If it weren't so darned windy, I could even computer in the barn! Is computer a verb? If it's not, it should be.

Smooch: Please tell me you aren't going to take this thing on our walks.
Some things are sacred, you know.


  1. How cool is that to be able to sit in your sun room, out of those winds, and enjoy the day and your new laptop! I have an iPad and love the freedom it's given me.

    The pic of Smooch's reaction to the wind is too cute. Winds are the one thing that totally unnerve Wally. Seems he can deal with most anything else.

  2. i was released from my desk top by laptop 2 years ago and I computer from the swing in the back yard, from my rocker/glider that is like yours, which is my favorite spot to computer. and yes it is a verb. i love the expression on Smooch face looking up.. glad your roof stayed on.

  3. Riley's got nuttin' on you!

    Glad to see that the pillows are pushed aside so Smooth can see out.

  4. Not sure if "computer" is a verb or not...but it should be!! What the heck would we do without the mobility of a laptop??

  5. I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have my laptop. You can even go into town and computer, as long as you can find a WiFi hotspot! You're FREE!

  6. How wonderful to be out of the wind and enjoying life. Smooch's expression tells it all....icky wind.
    Hubby got a laptop on Thursday and I didn't speak with him again until he left for work Saturday morning. He computered while he watched TV. I'm with Smooch, something's are sacred....or not. Oma Linda

  7. We have a MacBook Pro and love it. that way you can read blogs and watch a movie on the tv (in the other room) at the same time

  8. Love the freedom of the laptop too. Some toys are just more fun than others.

    Love the sunroom refuge from the wind. Smooch may step down her defcon level as she becomes used to it.

    And,yes, Smooch walks are sacred.

  9. Good for you, Carson. The sunroom just keeps getting better. The outside gang is getting a shower instead of a dirt bath. Love the Smooch faces.

  10. Ain't life grand?
    You can't beat a Mac....