Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Follow the bouncing ball

Did I ever tell you the one about the bouncing ball display at Walmart and how I accidently broke it and thought 
I would get arrested and banned forever from the store because hundreds of bouncing balls maybe went bouncing down the aisles 
but I was never sure because I didn't stick around to find out? Probably not. I was too ashamed. 

Anyway, the last time I was in the Walmart, the bouncing ball display was back, 
and I was really careful this time and I bought one. Who can resist a $2.50 bouncing ball? Not me.

It was windy when I put the bouncing ball in the corral. The ball started chasing Lucy. She was not amused.

I was hoping Alan or George would catch it before it hit a cactus, but they were of no help.
I had to run after it. Who knew blogging could be an aerobic activity?

Once I caught up to it and stopped panting, I asked George to hold it between his ears
while I moved into position to take a picture.

George: How stupid do I look?
Me: You don't look stupid at all! You look brave and bombproof.

Alan: You look stupid.

George: Seems to me like I earned a little extra allowance for that stunt.

Me: I couldn't agree more.


  1. thanks for a 2 laugh post. i laughed really hard at the breaking the ball holder and them rolling all over the store then really laughed at silly george...

  2. Estella from Co.3/19/13, 5:50 AM

    Love the pretty color of the ball. Hope it is castus proof..I can see the boys playing soccer now. Hugs

  3. And where was Hank while this bright pink monster was on the loose? Has he learned bombproofedness from his long-eared compatriots?

  4. It's beach ball weather at your place. Wish I could say the same for here. Just the color of that toy reminds me of summer. Waiting impatiently for some summer heat.
    Best always,

  5. When you get back from the "store" do the donkeys stand and ask what you brought them? Be it treats or toys? They are so darned cute, I can't imagine being able to resist one request from them....sorta like my grands.
    We went to the junk store yesterday and while there I found "donkeys". The straw variety. I bought them cuz they were cute, no other reason. When the grands got home you would have thought they were the latest electronic game. And there was a tussle about who got "George or Alan"......see, what did I tell you about your influence?????? tee hee Oma Linda

  6. I bought one once and bounced it at my horse. She spun and two-footed it back at me, narrowly missing my head. It happened so fast I had no time to even duck! glad the Donks are more civilized. :-}}

  7. i'd hazard a guess that maybe, just maybe when you have not been around a bright pink alien orb has previously landed in their pasture and they've decided against roughhousing with it's alien inhabitants. who knows? you are 7 miles from civilization, right? where aliens would land...but with you around, they can be brave(ish). smiley face.

  8. You aren't in THE PEOPLE OF WALMART video, are you?

  9. Why do I miss Deets all of a sudden? I know, it's George's butt.
    Are you gonna get two kitties Carson? Endless wonder for you and us? Or is it not in your plans?
    Tell Smooch she looks just gorgeous in the new sunroom!
    Much love to all