Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thanks, but we'd rather play with our broken cone

Me: What's wrong with the new bouncing ball I bought for you to play with?
Alan: Can't sink our teeth into it.

George: Let's play "Annoy Lucy."

Alan: Lucy hates it when we play right in front of her and kick up dust and get in her space.
George: Watch how it's done.

Lucy: I'm ignoring you.

Alan: She thinks we'll give up and play somewhere else if she ignores us.
George: That's when we get even closer.

Lucy: I'm still ignoring you.

Alan: It's no fun when she doesn't chase us and get mad...

George: Let's put the cone in mom's lens and annoy her instead.


  1. Estella from Co.3/20/13, 6:00 AM

    I love it....start my day with a giggle. I just love those two...what Lucy has to put up with. Inside she's giggling, too. Hugs

  2. I think the last adorable photo should be considered calendar worthy... :)

  3. Every day is a new day with those boys, isn't it? :)

  4. I don't comment much but do visit everyday. (LOVE the green floor)
    Burro nostrils make me giggle and just makes me want to hug them so much. I love it when they play cone.

  5. That is one well loved cone. It reminds me of a teddy bear with a missing eye and the stuffing knocked out of it, sorely in need of a washing.

  6. Lucy and I have something in common....I ignore the grands when they are "playing at making me crazy" too...but I'm laughing inside. Now after using their faces, I am more familiar with the "looks" they have. George's nose since it has that extra facial expression wrinkle just tickles me everytime. And Alan's side jaw hang along with Lucy's "oh really?" stare. They are all so adorable, no matter what "game" their playing. Oma Linda

  7. Are Alan and George standard donkeys, and Lucie a mom moth donkey? I'm reading your Archives. They are helping me so much as I start out with Paco and Darby. Thank you for the beautiful lessons you've shared along the way.

  8. so cute and so funny. your posts are a kind of laugh therapy. you sure can never get bored !