Monday, March 18, 2013

Alan quits his job

Lucy and I took advantage of the glorious weekend weather out on the trail.
It felt so good to be back in the saddle after a long, cold winter.

By Sunday afternoon, Lucy was ready for a little quiet time.

Alan: You can't come in. Lucy is taking a nap.

George: Don't make me push you over. This is my barn, too.

Alan: You're being a butthead.

Lucy: I want my own room.

Alan: Barn security is exhausting.

Alan: I quit.


  1. The very last picture made me smile. Big. :)

  2. Estella from Co.3/18/13, 5:41 AM

    Slad to hear you are out riding again...looking forward to some of your adventures. George and Alan are so cute they can do no wrong. Hugs

  3. Oh stars, just when I think there can be no cuter pictures of your darling donks....there they are the Abbott and Costello of the burro world making my old heart melt again. And a girl just wants some alone time...boyz. Oma Linda

  4. Oh, that last shot of Alan is priceless! So glad you and Lucy got to spend some girl time together.

  5. I'm glad you and Lucy took advantage of the pretty weather. I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as you did. Little brothers can be annoying, but they look sweet here.

  6. Love the picts!! :)

    Ahhhh, to get some Time In The Saddle (TITS!) in the winter! I haven't ridden my gelding since November. We currently have 20-30" of snow on the ground (depending on where you are here) with another 20" predicted through Wednesday. Sigh, I'm so ready for spring!

  7. Love that first photo of Lucy, it's ear- i-ly perfect!
    Haha... Abbott and Costello....