Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Harassing Hank

This is a classic post from last February – definitely one of my all-time faves. 
I know some of you are wondering how the big guy is doing these days after his recent trip to the vet.
A special blood test confirmed that he absolutely does not have dryland distemper (pigeon fever). 
Yet he still has the edema on his chest, and it's not going away. We're treating him now with a weekly dose of steroids 
to see if that will take care of the swelling or whatever is causing it. He's still not acting sick in any way, and that's a very good thing.


Alan and George are contemplating diabolical ways to retaliate against Hank for all his misdeeds.

George: Be careful now. I think mom may be spying on us.

I watch in disbelief as Alan takes a bite out of Hank's butt.

That didn't get a rise out of the big guy, so Alan starts to paw at him...

...then has the nerve to stomp on him.

Hank: Was that my imagination or did I just get kicked in the ass by an ass?

Alan: Maybe we should pull his tail.
George: I'm not sure that's such a good idea.
Alan: Go ahead – try it. I've stuck my neck out enough times. It's your turn.

Alan: Pull a little harder.

At this point, I decided enough was enough. 
I got off the fence, and Lucy and I went over to break things up.

Lucy: I could be wrong here, but I think Hank has just about had it with you two.

Hank: That would be a true statement.

Hank: I can't believe you let them harass me like that. It's that damned blog, isn't it?
You were taking pictures at my expense.

Me: Yeah, so maybe I was. But you know I love you, 
and so do a whole bunch of other people who are smiling back at you right now.


  1. Estella from Co.2/23/13, 6:15 AM

    What a sweet heart, Hank is to put up with all that. cute blog Hugs to the kids

  2. I am smiling really big. the thing I wonder about is...why Hank let them do it... he acted like it was nothing at all.... glad you did the repost since i have only been following for a short while.

  3. I went back to day one and read every one of your blog posts when my wife first told me about you. I (think I) read your blog every day. And yet your Saturday Encores sometimes bring me posts I cannot remember. This is one. And yes, it had me smiling at Hank in the end. Thanks SO VERY MUCH for letting us share in your life through this blog. And I hope Hank's problem turns out to be no problem at all.

  4. Jenny in MN, now in AZ2/23/13, 8:28 AM

    When you stop and think about how many people in the world would never get to see this type of adorable interaction it is truly a shame.
    This fantastic family needs to be shared far and wide. Thank you for the smile today! I needed this.

  5. I can't believe Hank just let them get away with the harrassment. I guess every "body" has a free pass every now and then. Just love your herd. Oma Linda

  6. You have absolutely the BEST photo stories! I can't believe Hank puts up with those two asses! He certainly shows his maturity when being pestered by the kids...

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. Love how fellow equines are worried about their family when they are "down" ..And how Hank knows the little boys mean no harm and that they are just being the asses they are :)

  8. Yeah, totally smiling back at Hank. No one can pull off sweet and simultaneously cool like Hank can. Smiling also thanks to the good news in the health department. We all need Hank to hang around happy & healthy for maaany, many more years!

  9. The last sentence---definitely true!!!

  10. Oh my goodness! Those two were really putting their little asses on the line when they pulled Hank's tail! The audacity! *head shaking* *grinning* It's a good thing, Hank is such an easy going fellow.

  11. It seems George and Alan just wanted Hank to get up. Rascals. We're still smiling at Hank.

  12. what a sweet story there

  13. Maybe the two donks thought that Hank would make a little fun with them or take them for a stroll.

    Hank is beautiful and I hope he stays well too.

    Jo in MN

  14. Those two rotten boys! How funny they are and yes,I can't believe Hank let them do it... But he won out in the end ( stole the show) with his killer smile...

  15. So glad he doesnt have PF!!

    Now to just figure out what is going on!!

  16. Hank, you old sweetie.... I can't believe they dared to even try all that stuff ..... taking their little lives in their hooves...lucky you are good natured.. s'all I can say...

  17. How did I miss this one? I don't remember it at all! Yay Hank. Glad to know that you don't have pigeon fever. Hope it clears up real soon.

  18. Hank must be used to those naughty boys. Thanks for putting up with them big guy! Your mama's right I'm all smiles.