Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random Ranch Revue

I can't resist taking pictures of Lucy with her flaps down.

Just like I can't resist taking pictures of Hank's mane blowing in the wind...

...or Alan doing something silly...

...or Smooch's nose...

...or Wynonna eating her dinner on a tray. How often does a pig get to order room service?

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in the corral taking random pictures and keeping an eye on our porcine princess because she had a little procedure in the morning. We went to the vet to have her hooves trimmed and her teeth cleaned (she was squeaking again), and while we were there, I had Doc check on this weird dent in her shoulder which had developed at the site of an antibiotic injection I had given her last summer after she had an abcess removed from her mouth. A "keloid" had developed under the skin, following the path of the needle. Apparently horses and cows and people can get keloids, too. I'd never heard of them. Anyway, he removed it, leaving a nickel-sized hole in her shoulder that's at least an inch deep. Totally gross. I'm explaining all of this now so that I don't have to tomorrow when I post a video of our adventure. Getting there is half the fun. Let's just say if I lived closer to town, I'd hire myself out as a pig transporter.


  1. careful, your photographer skills are showing. love all of them the mane if my favorite

  2. Lucy's ears were just made to be scratched eh ;p Poor miss w!

  3. Poor Wynonna, hope she's feeling better soon. She deserves room service after her procedure. Glad to see she still has her appetite!

    Great pictures of the gang.

  4. beautiful pictures and gorgeous animals. I love following 7 MSN on-going life. As for Princess Wynonna,good you saw it. Had the same kind of problem with my cat after an injection I gave him. The vet told me I may not have inserted the needle deep enough.

  5. Estella from Co.2/24/13, 6:55 AM

    Poor the pictures. Felt like I could just give Smooch a big kiss on the nose. Thanks Hugs

  6. What? No George? Was he right behind Alan, advising on the foolishness?
    Poor Wynonna! But she doesn't seem to be suffering from her nickel-sized hole.
    Y'knowwwwwwwwwwww.....if you took her on the New York State Thruway with you, and you actually stored some coins for tolls in that nickel-sized hole......she'd be a piggy bank, wouldn't she?

  7. I love the shots of Hank's mane and of Smooch's nose - gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing about Wynonna's Great Adventure.

  8. Just looking at that photo of Lucy makes me feel relaxed.

  9. Gosh, just super photos of the crew. I just love Ms. Lucy's ears. They remind me of little girls feet in ballet class....they go everywhere in any postition..... love it.
    Poor Porcine Princess, I look forward to the video of your escapades with the squealy girl.
    Have a super Sunday, Oma Linda

  10. Poor Wynonna! You are very good about watching your animals for problems and Princess W would be first on your list to say thanks. Hank might be second. Or neither of them might be grateful, but I would be!

    Stella and Zkhat

  11. Lucy looks so zen with the blue sky and the mountains. All these pics are special. I'm sure Wynonna appreciates the room service after her day out.

  12. Those sweet ears are heavy. Hard to hold up.
    Glad Wy is on the mend. Did he leave it open or sew it up? Seems like she'd get debris in it, if he left it open.

  13. I'm sure there is no end to the photo ops of Alan being silly. *smile*

    Poor Wynonna. She seems to be enjoying her convalescence. No long walks to the dining room for her. Get well soon, Sweetie.

  14. Pig Transporter. I love it. This is the best laugh of the day for me. :) Can hardly wait for the details tomorrow.

  15. Haaa! June said Piggy Bank! I travel the NYS thruway every day, now i'm going to laugh going threw the toll booth. Even though i have e-z pass. LOL
    I had to google keloid. Interesting, gross but interesting.
    Love Lucy's ears too.