Sunday, January 13, 2013

Together again

Lucy's 10 days of solitary confinement to recover from her lameness officially ended on Friday. 
I let her out into the general population and am happy to report that she's doing very well, despite the grumpy look above.

Lucy: Freedom would be more fun if it weren't so stinkin' cold and I didn't have to stand here to stay warm.

Despite the ridiculously frigid temperatures, the sunroom construction progresses. We now have doors! And electricity!
We also have windows, but they didn't arrive until late Friday afternoon after the crew had left for the weekend.

At one point on Friday, there were four men walking in and out of my house. That may be some sort of record. 
They are all unfailingly polite, but I suspect there's alot of gossiping going on behind the scenes 
about this woman who lives in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of animals. 
I wish you could have seen the looks on their faces when Wynonna walked onto the porch to inspect their work, 
or when Alan brayed long and loud every time they used the sander.

The crew hasn't questioned the cow legs drying in the garden. If that's not being polite, I don't know what is.

I'm sure they must have noticed them as they piled up the spare parts from the porch.
The old railings will be repurposed into a new fence. But what about those corbels? 
It would be such a shame to waste them.

I'm thinkin' table base! Your amazingly helpful comments on Friday's post have got me thinking about 
all sorts of ideas and projects I never would have come up with on my own. A glider instead of a rocker? Genius! 
A mosaic DIY tabletop? Hell yeah! And I'm seriously considering building that hanging bed myself because 
Sharon sent me this link that shows exactly how to do it. Where would I be without you guys? Thanks!


  1. This are good news from Lucy.
    Are you sure the crew saw the cow legs? You can only hope they will come back on monday :-)

  2. Is this the porch you feed Wynona on? You'll have to get a piggy door installed if it is. ;)

  3. O jeeeezus, I got a scare from that cows legs picture! You could have warned me first! And, ehm, did you sever the legs from the body yourself? And doesn't it stink like high heaven? I mean, white bones fair enough, but this... Anyway, great post, as always!
    Els from Amsterdam

  4. i wish we could hear what they said about those cow legs after they left, and in the local bar the stories they will tell. you can build that bed, i know you can and this will make a beautiful table.

  5. Those guys are good. I'd've had to ask about the cow legs.

  6. I think the corbels would be wonderful as the support for the table top. Using an upright beam the same width as the corbel, put four at the top so that they branch out and support the table top, whatever that may be made of (glass would be nice because you could then see the corbels better). What's your maximum tabletop circumference? This thought might make it too big but....... {I}

  7. I'm glad to see Lucy is back with the boys and Wynonna is checking on you.
    I'm sure the cow legs stirred up a conversation, but men don't gossip, you know.
    Sounds like you have some projects lined up. Have you seen resin table tops?
    Ethel may have to plan a trip.

  8. So glad the herd is back together!
    I was wondering the same thing as C in WI--where will Wynonna come to eat? You know how PBPs love their routines.
    What does Smooch think of all these strangers coming and going??

  9. Let us get one thing clear, those men may not be able to SEE us, but you are NOT alone. We would all come over with extra zucchini or a plate of cookies if we were in the neighborhood. We are just the web-erhood. That's all.

    Happy Sunday!

  10. I choked on my coffee with the comment about the record of 4 men.... Almost out my nose. Hilarious

    Yes, I definitely need my spring fix of the kids and Carson, this time with two legs!
    Great ideas on here, seriously.... I can see a segment on Pioneer Woman in the near future..." How to repurpose your porch with style"

  11. Hooray for Lucy! So glad she's feeling better now.

    Cow legs, Carson? :D

  12. Do you want to share why you are 'curing' cow's legs? :0

  13. Good to see Lucy back to her routine. I can imagine that Wynonna is miffed as to what is happening. Great idea to use the corbels on the table. If there are any left, you can use them as shelf brackets. Attach to wall and screw a scrap piece of plywood or board to the corbels. Paint. Can be placed over window, door or any place. Everything looks great!

  14. the cow legs scared me too, I thought something had happened to your boyz. I think that the corbels will be too thick for a table but perfect for a great shelf, all of them together on one wall with plywood as Celia proposed. great projects! Carine

  15. Corbels,
    make great supports for shelves.
    could be used for awnings over your front door and Wynonna's door.
    could be glued together to make a table top.
    would make a beautiful base for a coffee table.
    look great when attached in the corners of a room at the ceiling.
    Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  16. Build the bed yourself. That way you will get what you want and I know you can do it. It's really just a wooden platform. You could use the corbels to create decorative corners on the bed.

    I'm glad to see that Lucy is feeling better.

  17. Glad to hear that Lucy is pretty much recovered!
    I DO like wide window sills--could you use the corbels to support extensions from the wall width? For pots and kitties?

  18. I'm seeing the corbels at the corners of the room, or up near the ceiling as architectual features. Or for a shelf or two. They are fabulous, and must be used! And I too are seriously concerned about the cow legs. I intitially thought they were Alan's. Can't wait to hear the explanation. It better be good, or we're all going to think you've been living out in the middle of nowhere for to long.

  19. So super glad that Ms. Lucy is back in general population. Being locked away even if for her own good could not have been fun. I wondered how the herd would react to "strangers" doing something to their surrounds. I bet the donkeys have stories to tell of their watchings as well.
    Looks like you have all sorts of lovely ideas in mind now for the "decorization" of the sunroom. I look forward to seeing what masterpieces you create. Just promise me you'll save a space on the hanging bed for a room warming present I have in mind. Oma Linda

  20. This post had me laughing and shaking my head and then blurting out "What the hell...?" when I saw the half buried legs.

  21. Michelle from BC1/13/13, 10:33 AM

    What about using the corbels for light sconces (sp?) in the new sunroom?
    Kicking myself that I did not re-pin the picture when I saw it.
    I'm sure you are giving those men alot of interesting topics for their drive home each day !!!!!

  22. DIY is great...I'd go for it....Glad to see Lucy is better...UGH!!cow legs!!! Our dog found a huge bone in our yard years ago and still is...Don't know what kind of bone it is tho....
    Love from NC

  23. Glad to see I'm not the only one grossed out by the cow legs!
    If you don't use the corbels as table legs, you could use them as decor on the bed frame.

  24. I am LOLing at the men, they are very polite. Those corbels are great, very sought after too! Definitely keep them and try and use them somehow.

  25. Estella from Co.1/13/13, 10:06 PM

    So glad to hear about Lucy, the cow legs had me going for a while. You are one COOL can do anything so go for it make that bed. The porch is really coming along....looking good. Hugs

  26. I had a huge bump in traffic on the hanging daybed swing post and had to check out the blog where it was coming from. What a fun blog you have here- and very devoted readers!

    The tutorial for the swing makes it look a little harder than it is because I put so many details in it. You can totally do the project and I'd LOVE to see one hanging in such an amazing setting! The corbels are fabulous and are just begging for a special project. If you have any questions on how to build the bed, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. Go for it!

  27. So glad Lucy-dear is better.
    And the drying cows' legs? Priceless! Seriously.
    I've been giggling for 3 minutes...