Monday, January 14, 2013

Hank shakes off the cold

Hank is the only one among us who doesn't seem to mind the cold. 

Actually, he seems to thrive in it. I don't. I'm not sure if the low temperatures this weekend broke any records,
but I know I broke my record for fewest pictures taken over the course of two days.

If the ground weren't frozen, I'd be tempted to curl up next to this teddy bear to get warm.

Don't be fooled by the sunshine.

It was 10 degrees when I took these pictures early Sunday morning.

At least it's a dry cold.


  1. Dry cold. What a lovely concept! Our ponds aren't even frozen. How do you keep their water flowing?

  2. Oh, yes, that's cold! I got up to the ranch to check on my horses yesterday...water troughs were frozen solid. But, they were all out in the sun, soaking up the rays!

  3. I'm with Hank. I love, love, love cold temps. Makes me feel young and full of energy! The heat of summer makes me feel old, tired, and good for NOTHING. When it gets into triple digits, I spend most of the time with my head in the freezer breathing frosty air. I wish it were different, because there are mostly hot days here, and very few cooler ones, and even fewer cold ones. I love Hank.

  4. LOL! Dry Cold! Here in Tucson we are cold, too, but only down to 18 at night. The sun warms the house, but it's still br-r-r outside.

  5. We got that same front here. 29* overnight. Cold for us!
    I can't get over how well your camera captures even the stray hairs flying off Hank. If I took my camera out in 10* weather, the lens would fog up.

  6. Now that is cold! Hank looks gorgeous though and thoroughly enjoying himself. It's in the 40's-50's here but so foggy and damp. I could use a little "dry' cold and sunshine.

    Your use of dry cold reminded me of my Grandmother in Arizona. It would be in the three digits in the warm weather and she would say, but it's dry heat. I'd tell her so is my oven but I'm not sitting in it.

    Hope you warm up soon.

  7. MY arthritis feels much less annoying when it's cold and dry. I'm guessing Hank joints feel better when it's freezing.

  8. Hank has such a cute little belly! We had a beautiful weekend here in the Finger Lakes, broke the record high each day. It was 68 on Sunday; this morning we are back to reality with temps in the low thirties :(

  9. I'm not a lover of the cold either and it has been very dry cold here. The grands, like Hank, continue to run around like it's nothing....well first I don't run and second, I watch from inside. Brrrrr.
    I just love Hank, what a hunk.
    Oma Linda

  10. Love that last portrait. Very handsome. I've always loved the furry winter coats horses get and used to enjoy burying my fingers in it when I groomed them before riding.

    I'm not a fan of the cold, either. Willow, our dog, is definitely a winter baby and loves frolicking in it. She obviously comes from hardier stock than I do. There is definitely something to be said for dry cold. Stay warm and think sunny(room) thoughts.

  11. HA-HA!! I lived in Arizona for many years and now live in Mississippi. Dry Heat vs. Humid Heat, in the extreme. I'm here to tell you that HEAT IS HEAT, no matter where the oven is...and therefore I say that COLD IS COLD, no matter where the freezer is!!

    Perhaps Hank has some rugged Mustang in him to stand 10 degrees so happily!

  12. Love the second last photo, looks like Hank is shedding and I bet that roll was a good back scratching.

  13. It's a good thing to go outside and get some fresh air everyday, but 10 degrees is a little too fresh for me. Feeding the birds, squirrels, and the dog is enough for me.
    Hank is making the best of a cold morning. He does look like a woolie bear in his roll.

  14. Love that Hank! Sure would like to know his secret to coping with the cold. I suppose I could grow a woolie coat or roll around on the ground. It works for him!

  15. very wet cold here: hard to adjust to when it was 70 the day before...

    love those shots of Hank.... pure bliss! just goes to show that what is someone's bliss is someone else's torture; I'm with you and it being too cold to do too much outside!

    stay warm :)

  16. Its five below zero tonight in beautiful Minniesnowda . . .I am getting too old to deal with such cold weather, and 5 below in the world of sub zero temps is nothing.
    We often get 20 to 30 below at this time of year.

    Bed is the best place for people like me, with covers and quilts!

    Cheers to all,

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  17. I love the hair flying off! It's always cold up here in Canada in the winters :)