Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday encore ~ The bouncer at the hay barn

I introduced you to the bouncer at the hay barn last January. The good news? He (or one of his brethren who looks exactly like him) 
is still guarding the door. The bad news? He and his family are still chewing through the twine on the hay bales. 
The price I pay for having cute friends.


I have known for several months that an extended family of bunny rabbits has been living in my hay barn. The rabbit poop atop the hay bales is a dead giveaway, as are the chewed-through strings of twine. I curse a blue streak every time I hoist a bale of hay, only to have it burst because some darned rabbit has been gnawing on the twine. Then I come face to face with one of them and all is forgiven.

This guy is the bouncer. He guards the tarp and won't let me in unless I tell him the secret password.

He is bold and fearless...and fat. Must be all that good hay he's eating.

He is also very willing to pose for pictures.

Rabbit: I think I shall be leaving now. You're getting a little too close.


  1. Estella from Co.1/12/13, 7:31 AM

    For all the trouble they bring....they are worth it with their cute noses and longears, BUT then I'm prone to longears anyway. Guess you are, too. Have a good day. Oh! How's Lucy doing? Hugs

  2. I completely understand your frustration, but he IS adorable! All is forgiven, right?

  3. Here in Central Texas, he would chip a tooth...our bales are tied with wire...

  4. This is one healthy, happy looking bunny bouncer. Nice of him to sit still for a close up.
    I've been thinking about Lucy, too.

  5. Too cute. Can relate to your barn/hay experience. We have a couple of these adorables doing the same thing in our hay barn. I'm such a pushover no matter how annoying it is when the hay pops open. I know who to blame. I'm helpless.

  6. Adorable! Grateful you are sharing your life (and your hay) with the wild thangs!

  7. Adorable!! I don't have this problem with wild rabbits here, but I understand it's a pain with them getting into stuff... however they are too darned cute :) My problems are all with chipmunks and squirrels and they steal only the grain!

  8. What a little cute. We have many bun buns here too...they supervise while I ride lol

  9. I guess reasoning with him won't work. How about a sacrificial bale or two where they can chew away while leaving the others alone?