Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Me and my big mouth

I should have known that talking about the dry cold yesterday would bring on the wet cold today. 

What was I thinking?

We lost a day on the sunroom construction. Oh well. But as I was freezing my butt off taking this picture 
in the windowless room, I got to contemplate how amazing it will be to stand in the same place a few days from now 
when it's toasty and warm. One must always look at the bright side.

Over the weekend, I taped off my furniture layout and traffic flow and came to the sad realization that the room 
will not be wide enough to accommodate the swing in the swinging, hanging bed. *sigh* 
Better to find that out now than after I build it. Like I said, one must always look at the bright side.


  1. It's funny how a space shrinks once you put up walls. We thought about expanding our porch/deck ran into the same problem you have discovered. I'm sure your new space will be wonderful. Smooch will love the day bed a great deal. :)

  2. Oh, dear! But, I'm sure it will be a delightful room anyway! :-)

  3. what's going on the floor? That's not cement, is it?

  4. Is it too small for a regular porch swing? I thought it would be the same size as a glider.
    It looks cozy already! All that light inside will be so nice!

  5. Is there another place on the porch where glider would fit?

  6. Move the bed down and have a curved path by placing the swing in the middle section.

    I did this with my porch and it works very well.

  7. Our backporch is 8.43 ft wide. It seems at first glance that that is plenty wide but alas. I do undertand your dilemma. Walking room is at a premium and in our 17' length we have a small table, 2 chairs, a porch swing and a garden wagon made up as a mini couch for the grands.
    But just so long as you have a good place to view the goings on outside of the sunroom, you'll be happy. And your wisdom about better now than later is true. Oma Linda

  8. Same thing happened here! Whatever you do, the sun room will be wonderful. Can you get an ultra padded cushion for the glider and use it like a day bed?

  9. I had wondered about the 8-foot width, but didn't want to speculate.

    I have seen chair-hammocks. They don't take up much space, but would give you the same hanging option. Some have a footrest built in. Your barn-hammock might be a bit big for everyday use, but might be handy for the occasional nap ;)

    Have the worker-bees install some hanging hardware in the ceiling just in case.

    M in NC

  10. Hank looks cute with his frosted ears.
    Your sunroom is going to be wonderful. Sometimes plan B ends up being best.
    I would love to have your privacy and your views!

  11. Hmmm...too bad about the day bed. Is it too late to knock out the wall...? Don't tell me you haven't considered that.

  12. Since you can't do the hanging bed maybe you could do something like this ...http://www.meijer.com/s/vivere-hanging-chair/_/R-186094;jsessionid=12ABE6CF014CC84F98681C2BC51D6EF4.instance03?cagpspn=pla&cmpid=Google-G_US_Meijer_eCom_PLA_Outdoor_Living_Patio&kpid=HANG1.....or this.....http://www.onceatree.net/products/

  13. Is it necessary to have easy access both doors? You could hang the swinging bed width-wise in the short end of the room in front of whichever door is less important.

    The kind of swinging bed I plan for my future sleeping porch is open ended. Just a platform suspended. That would technically not block the door if you brought it into the room far enough...

  14. Where there's a will there's a way! Build it and it will come!!

    Ok, seriously, you can make it work! You need that swing!