Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekends with Lucy

I don't blog much about my rides with Lucy because a) my camera doesn't like trail dust and 
b) if you've seen one picture of the open range viewed from the saddle through Lucy's ears, you've seen them all. 
But Lucy's former mom, Estella, mentioned last week that she'd love to see more riding posts, so here we go!

No matter how many chores or errands I have to do on the weekend, riding Lucy comes first. 
Our Saturday and Sunday rides are sacred, and we don't skip them ever, unless the weather is horrendous, 
which it hasn't been since ... maybe last February? When we rode yesterday, it was 64 degrees.

Me: Look, Lucy, your nose is shaped just like that horseshoe. I never noticed that before.
Lucy: Uh oh. It's going to be one of those kind of rides, isn't it?

Sometime during the summer, I started taking my iPod along on our rides. 
I know, I know, this probably breaks every trail safety rule ever written, but so be it. 
When you're in the saddle for a couple-three hours at a time, it's fun to have something to dance to.
And it's not like I have to worry about listening for 4-wheelers or bicycles coming up behind us.

If there's anything important to hear, Lucy is the first to point it out, and I can remove my headphones to listen.

Me: Hi, Edgar.

Ravens were the only wildlife we saw yesterday. The snakes are in hibernation, 
and the pronghorn herds have headed south for the winter.

If we're out for a really long time, I usually dismount at the halfway point and give us each a little break.

Lucy: Break, my ass... You can't fool me. I know why we stopped here.

Me: Sorry, Lucy, I can't help myself.

Me: It looks like we're bringing home a baby burro!

Lucy: You're up there playing shadow puppets when it's an hour past my lunchtime.
Have you no mercy?!

Me: Love your earrings.


  1. looks like a --- SQUIRREL!

    M in NC

  2. I have to admit, I'd wondered about your rides as well. I can certainly understand protecting the camera. I have a 2nd cheapy camera for just those occasions. It's a decent Point and Shoot, but not something I'd cry over when it breaks falling from saddle height, or in my case, goes overboard or dies of sand damage.

  3. I have 3 things to say:
    1. Would Lucy enjoy hearing some music too, and then YOU could hear the nature sounds as well as your music?
    2. It looks more like you're bringing home a squirrel, shadow puppet lady.
    3. Tell us about Lucy's styling' leggings, or would those be called "cuffs" since they're on her wrists?

  4. I can't decide whether you're a natural comedienne, or if you've been out there on your own for too long. *grin*

    Naturally, I saw a bunny in the shadow behind your saddle. And, I thought Lucy was sporting a horseshoe nose ring there for a second.

    That's an excellent way to start the weekend.

    (Hi Mom & Dad!)

  5. Are horses ever such good sports when it comes to bringing home "decorations"?

  6. You are such a natural storyteller and entertaining tour quide. And Lucy is such a good girl to carry home your arts and crafts supplies. Edgar huh? Edgars family has been swooping in and out of our area as well. Call of the caw. Great ride thanks.

  7. I gotta say, those are the most interesting earrings ever!

  8. I like when Lucy is featured on the blog. I didn't know you ride her that much. Someone did a lot of good work with her when she was younger. She's a prize. Hope Estella checks in today.

  9. Estella from Co.12/3/12, 8:23 AM

    How funny..the nose ring, then ear rings...BUT I thought something else when you got out to rest (it wasn't picking up bones...hahaha. Thank you for sharing, my heart STILL smiles when I think of how all this came together. I had to laugh at Carolynn Anctil's certainly ARE funny. Thank you again, far away friend..give the kids a hug and a BIG kiss to Miss Lucy.

  10. And here all this time I thought I was the only person who rode around and picked up dried up old bones.

  11. I'm with Estella - I love the riding posts, mostly cause I can't ride any longer and enjoy imagining that it's me meandering around the countryside aboard a mule.

  12. Lucy, you are such a good sport! It's good that you are there to keep an eye on your lady. She is really funny, but, (shhh-- don't tell her)I think she needs watching:))

  13. another fun blog today...thanks so much !! Jeanne in SC we have the flu down here and like the diversion :)