Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prayers on the Wind

See those flags hanging over Wynonna? Betcha don't know what they are. 
(And if you do, why have you never told me about them?!)

A friend sent them to me when she learned of the passing of my beloved cats Rosebud and Snapper.
They are prayer flags.

Now don't be getting sad and teary – that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is to tell you that if you know somebody whose beloved pet has died and you want to do something to help them through their grief? This is what you send them – pet prayer flags. 
And nobody is paying me to say this. I just happen to think that they're the coolest thing ever.
These are from a place called Prayers On the Wind

This is what I learned from the card included with my flags: Tibetans believe that prayers are carried on the wind 
and become a permanent part of the universe as the flags fade from exposure to the elements.

As I look at my flags every time I walk to the barn and think of Snapper and Rosebud and all of my animals who passed before them, 
I imagine my thoughts and prayers being carried to them on the wind.

And I smile. And I feel better. Which is the whole point.

Thank you, Amy!


  1. I have prayer flags, the Tibetan ones. I never knew they made these. Cool!

  2. So lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How thoughtful. A nice idea and I will keep those lovely little flags in mind. It's so hard to part with our furry friends.
    Best always,

  4. It took me almost a year after our 17 year old siamese died for us to finally get another kitty. Not a kitten mind you, but a year old female from our local shelter where I volunteer weekly. What a joy. How we have laughed. And yelled some too, off the counter cat, that is not your chicken. Kitty comfort is the best. And, getting a cat from the shelter is the best too. All they want is a forever home.
    Mary Anne in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

  5. I really like this. What a nice thing for Amy to do.

  6. I absolutely love this. My precious babies (one Golden, and one Heinz) are buried in our back yard, with two more soon to follow. It's why I can't move from my dilapidated house. It gives me such comfort having them near...

    While nothing really dulls the pain, just knowing someone is sharing your loss by their thoughtfulness in sending you such a loving gift is touching...

    It is too much loss when a pet dies. Too much. I'm sorry for your sadness...

  7. I love this and plan to get some for myself and friends.

  8. Carol in N. Colorado12/2/12, 8:41 AM

    Very cool idea.

  9. What a beautiful and caring idea! Wish I had known about these when friends (and I!) have lost beloved companions over the years. I'm thinking especially of my sister's losses - she takes them so hard. I went hiking in the north Georgia mountains one bittersweet day after she learned one of her dogs had died at the vet's.

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. I was aware of prayer flags and the concept behind them, but have never seen the pet ones. I'm ordering some for me and some to keep on hand for friends - thank you!

  11. That's a lovely sentiment and a beautiful way to celebrate all that they meant to you. I wouldn't have known about those either.

  12. ((HUG)). I had to have my beloved cat, Billy put to sleep two weeks ago. It's the first time I've been solely responsible for an animal in my adult life, and though I've had pets die before this grief is altogether different and very strange.

    I have his ashes and I'm going to buy him a lovely bush so he can be in his garden. I would like something that gets blossom in Spring for the Bees and berries or fruit in the Autumn/Winter for the birds.

  13. Linda, we just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for mentioning our flags. You cannot imagine how it makes us feel to know that our flags have helped those who have lost a four legged friend and your images, well, they just gave us a thrill. We love the 7MSN website!

  14. Yup, you're supposed to leave them up, long past when they get ratty looking. As long as they remain attached to the string, they are spreading their prayers.

  15. Prayer flags ... what a wonderful way to honor the pets that are so loved.

  16. That is the coolest thing ever.