Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Free Bird

In last Saturday's encore post, I re-introduced you to the pigeon who magically appeared at the 7MSN in November 2011.
She stuck around for several weeks, then flew off, never to return. I became quite attached to her
and pieced together this video when she left.


I called Amelia's owner in Arizona to let him know to be on the lookout for her. He says he'll call me when she gets there. Let's hope her GPS works better going in that direction. Or better yet, let's hope she gets to the New Mexico/Arizona border and turns right back around.


Postscript: Amelia's owner contacted me in March 2012 to tell me she still hadn't returned to Arizona. 
As of November 30, she hasn't returned to the 7MSN either, damnit.
But I still look for her. Every single day.


  1. I never tire of Amelia's story. Thanks for sharing once again.
    Best always,

  2. I like to think she's still traveling the skies or settled in with some city pigeons somewhere. I'm glad she stopped in at the 7MSN so you could share .

  3. AwwWWWWw!! Hope she makes it back to the 7MSN soon!! I'll have to come back later, the video won't work for me! Drat!

  4. Ohhhh ... hope she comes back to your barn for Christmas! Love the video.