Friday, November 30, 2012

Me and MyPillow

When I was visiting my family a few weeks ago, my dad told me the story of his new pillow – how he saw an ad for the world's most comfortable pillow so he ordered one, then the FedEx man dropped off a very small box containing the pillow, which subsequently had to be fluffed in the dryer to reach its full potential, but it's a great pillow and my dad loves it. His version of the story went on for 10 minutes and was very funny. Dad should have been a blogger. Anyway, when Dad was done with his story, my sister said she had bought one of these pillows and loved it, then told some of her coworkers about the pillow and they bought one, and so on and so on, and now all of south Florida is sleeping on these wonder pillows, which cost $90 but come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year warranty and if you wake up in the middle of the night because your neck hurts from your ordinary pillow, you can turn on your tv and catch the infomercial for MyPillow which will explain everything.

Who in their right mind pays 90 bucks for a stinkin' pillow? Call me a skeptic. Then my sister brought her pillow into the living room
and I test drove it.

I plumped it to the proper position and it stayed put. Hmm. Maybe I do need one of these. 
Mom seized upon the opportunity and said she knew what to send me for Christmas.

Christmas was yesterday.

I was expecting some sort of explosion when I cut the packing strap. 
How did they smush a big pillow into such a small box?

The pillow was encased in an air-tight exclusive MyPillow Travel Bag. I don't ever have to leave home without MyPillow 
because it will fit right in my suitcase. For $90, they should throw in a set of ginsu knives, too.

Despite the testimonials from my dad and my sister, I'm still highly suspicious of products 
that can only be bought if you call within the next 20 minutes. So is Smooch.

I've been to MyPillow's website. They sell pet pillows, too. Please don't tell Smooch.

I wrote this post Thursday night before I went to sleep for the first time on MyPillow. 
I'll post an update with the results when I wake up Friday morning.


Friday morning update:
How am I supposed to know if I slept better? I was asleep.
I do know it was easier to watch tv in bed for the two and a half minutes before I fell asleep.
I'll have to extend the study period before I know if the occasional sore shoulder and creaky neck go away.


  1. ... IF you wake up Friday morning ;-)

  2. Relative's testimonials are as good as an infomercial :).

    What is the pillow made of -- fluffly synthetic fibers, or something solid --- memory foam ??

    M in NC
    (who is most attached to the memory foam mattress)

  3. Linda?
    Wakie, wakie.

  4. Good morning. Your sun should be coming up soon. I'll just be here at work waiting! LOL

  5. In the so far fruitless quest for a new pillow. I bought one of these. It is huge. I need a flatfish pillow. Apparently they aren't made anymore. If you make Smooch a believer, I may send her mine,

  6. Hmmm, I have laid awake with a sore shoulder and watched that MyPillow commercial. Please do update us with you longer term results!

  7. I love my pillow. It cost me a half month's rent but no more sore shoulders or neck. Best investment I ever made. No more ten dollar pillows for me. Life is good!
    Best always,

  8. Perhaps a few "test drive naps" would be in order!!

  9. Everyone knows that stuff that you buy on the interwebs is better than the stuff you buy at Wally World. :) So glad you like your Christmas present. I won't tell Smooch.

  10. Smooch is a hoot! What is her take on the pillow? You will let her try it out won't you?

  11. we have the pillow replacement conversation a lot around here. I'll be interested to know what your in depth sleep test shows. But I have to say that Smooch has the loveliest eyes. Every shot of her looking at you (the camera) is like looking into the eyes of love. What a sweet dog, although I know that when she's cued into something else she is intense looking. Great dog. Oma Linda

  12. I've seen these pillows and been really tempted to buy one. I'm a belly and side sleeper..if you could include that in your study.
    What a nice gift from your Mom and Dad.
    Smooch looks like she wants to grab it and take off.

  13. OK, since the jury is still out, I will wait, but I am pillow challenged right now..I have to wake up about every hour to refluff mine...I have loved it too long and it is about done. I am a side sleeper and shoulders are often sore. I travel with my pillow, too.
    I am ready to hear about the next few nights..maybe it will take a little longer.

  14. Carol in N. Colorado11/30/12, 11:27 AM

    The box for my super 7MSN calendar was about as big as your box with the pillow. Smooch is sure checking it out like she wasn't sure about the box or what was going to leap out of it. Hope the pillow helps with the shoulder/neck issues. Will be patiently waiting for feedback.

  15. I'll be interested to know the results as I wake up with a sore neck almost every morning. I have a foam pillow which is supposed to be good for that sort of thing but isn't in my opinion.

  16. Seems like an experiment I could appreciate.

  17. I too am interested in your opinion of this pillow. I have to say the Tempurpedic pillow I invested in five months ago is the best I think I've had.

  18. I had a very expensive feather pillow forever and it was the best pillow I ever owned. I have another feather pillow now, but it's not as good as the 1st one. Need to invest in another good pillow. Will look forward to your review of it.
    Awww, that smooch is so handsome.
    My Pax getting bigger and bigger everyday and looking like Smooch's twin.

  19. Hmmmm...pillows are a very personal thing. I have a very soft, fluffy pillow and The Frenchman swears by his hard, flat one. I'll be interested to hear what the verdict is on your new one.

  20. Am interested in your update of this pillow. I've passed it by several times but I need something to help this neck and upper back pain.