Thursday, December 13, 2012

On the fifth day of Christmas, we decorate George

George: You're getting awfully dirty down there.
Me: I'm well aware of that. It's the price I have to pay to get your ears in the frame.

George: I'm concerned about this snowball thing.

George: It keeps covering my eye. The folks at home might not recognize me.

Me: If you wouldn't stand so close to me, I'd have more room to work.

George: Why didn't you say so? Let me turn around so you can scratch my butt. Got enough room now?


  1. I love looking into the eyes of your beauties when they are looking at you. I see the same thing in the eyes of my babies. There is nothing, nothing, nothing, like the unconditional love from a furry friend. I love how, in the last image, George's ears are turned completely back where you cute. Now, to dress them all up at the same time! ;)

  2. George knows what the true meaning of the season is.....togetherness and butt rubs??????
    Such a lovely bunch of coconuts you have on the 7MSN Ranch...musta gotten it from the head nut in charge.....of entertainment for all of us. Thanks Carson...this Christmas photo hoot is great. Oma Linda

  3. Nothing feels better than a good butt rub. If my Mom would ask me what I wanted Santa to bring me, I would say daily butt rubs for all year long. But as it is now, I gotta beg for them, just humiliate myself asking for them. I wish some massager person would open up a Canine Butt Rub Parlor. I'd want a stocking full of tickets to THAT.


  4. Oh how I miss George's fuzzy butt knocking me over for butt scratches!
    I love how they let you do almost anything to them

  5. Estella from Co.12/13/12, 9:35 AM

    Love the whole snowball thing....your critters are sweet gifts from God. Hugs

  6. I love them all! They are so funny - and I truly believe they are talking to you and you just transcribe what they say. Tell George I will always recognize him, no matter what fuzzy thing he wears!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  7. Loved that last comment. Just what I imagined!

  8. Oh George, I so want to kidnap you and ride into the sunset with you!
    Yours, Totally Melted

  9. You've gotta love an in your face elf with striped ears. With a plan. Hope it worked for him.

  10. I can't wait to see Mr.P dressed for the holidays.

  11. Estella from Co.12/13/12, 8:19 PM

    Also can't wait to see Mr. P dressed and ready for the holidays. Be careful