Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bowling for carrots

I'm always on the lookout for new toys that will rouse the boys' curiosity, 
engage their problem-solving skills, and provide blog fodder.

When the Ethelettes were here, they suggested a bowling ball might be an interesting choice.
I thought it a marvelous idea, and one which I wouldn't have to go looking for in the far corners of the pasture. 
I mean, how far could a burro push a bowling ball? The darned things are heavy. So I went to a thrift store found this lovely red one. 
Cost me nine bucks, which seemed a little pricey. I think they charged me by the pound.

Anyway, I set up a makeshift bowling alley in the corral and stood back and watched.

George couldn't hit the pins with the ball... he made up his own game...

and hit the ball with the pins. Such a clever boy.

Me: Lucy, don't you want to play?
Lucy: No. I don't have the right shoes.


  1. Clever! And when they are done bowling, you can have a cute garden ornament on a stand!

  2. Lucy is such a girl!
    Best always,

  3. Lucy's right. Who wants to icky bowling shoes anyway?

  4. Good ol' George-always good for a laugh. Pricey ball maybe bcuz people buy to make lawn ornaments.
    Mick in Oregon

  5. Estella from Co.12/5/12, 7:32 AM

    "I don't have the right shoes", LINDA, you are a hoot....I just had to laugh out loud. George is so know you should take videos and put a video together of all their actions and add comments to them, I bet you and the kids would have your own TV show. I'd buy one or more...I would take it to our local nursing home and lift up the spirits of the residents. (just a thought)

  6. What a good idea the Ethelettes had. Funny how George logiced (is that a word)figured out the easier of the two to manipulate. Donkeys are so very clever.
    And Lucy, honey, you're missing out on the good stuff. Jump right in there and play with the boyz, you'd probably beat um anyway.
    On the thrift store bowling ball, Shelley bought two, a coppery colored one that we covered with pennies and set on a stand in the front porch (great patina now) and a psychadelic number that is yet to find it's destiny around the casa of the cuckoos. We are hardcore junkers.

  7. The right shoes? ha ha ha!!!!!!

  8. George is always up for a new game and can come up with new rules if necessary. Gotta love that boy.

    Lucy probably wanted a designer ball...maybe the Optyx Snake ball.

  9. I'm always looking for ways to engage my dog. I'm finally having to accept that she's smarter than I am and needs more things of interest to occupy her mind. It's a challenge and I think I'm up to it.

    I like the bowling ball idea for the herd - it's a very festive colour, too.

  10. Just saw your Twitter feed and read the article. How cool is that? One adventuresome woman interviewing another.

  11. haha...they are such clever animals!

  12. Michelle from BC12/5/12, 11:27 AM

    Lucy ... you make me laugh. No way she's playing that game!

  13. Lucy, talk to Ramsey at Dancing Donkey. He has brand new sneakers!

    George is such a clever boy!

  14. hahha how do you come up with these sayings... you crack me up.......