Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is why I don't write limericks for a living

The juniper berries are ripening.

That my donkeys ingest them is frightening.

They're purple and crunchy.

Luce, do you have the munchies?

Alan's teeth may need a little whitening.


In other news, this interview with yours truly appeared yesterday on the website of the PBS series Equitrekking.


  1. As I read the interview, and re-watched the videos, I was awestruck again, by your heart for your animals, your respect for nature, and your strength of spirit. I cannot imagine the courage it took to leave the security of a good job, to take on the wild unknown of your ranch. Your babies are so sweet it breaks my incredible that you get to love on them everyday. It's just win, win all around. I'm very thankful to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  2. Your limerick is funny. Don't quit your day job. :)
    Alan looks like he's picking them one by one.
    My daughter has a persimmon tree in one of her pastures. After the burros picked all they could reach, they would stand under the tree and wait for them to fall off. The horses weren't interested.

  3. Does Hank like them too? Oh those kissable lips!
    Best always,

  4. Great interview.
    Pretty good limerick. :)

  5. The way Alan is picking the berries reminds me of the way my horses pick their favorite parts of thistle.
    Congratulations on the interview! I love that first photo in it, it is perfect.

  6. What I'm always curious about is what you actually do for a living and what advice you have regarding the ability of a regular non-top-of-the-ladder person to get one of those work-at-home jobs in pursuit of living out a dream just like yours.

    I thought so.

    I'll just keep reading your blog and wish I were as lucky. Sorry to be so down. Everyone at work over 50 just got let go, and that included me. Next rattlesnake post I see I'll be thinking to myself, entree.

  7. A seasonal treat for the locals. How thoughtful of Mother Nature to include them in the festivities.

  8. Love the interview! How cool is that?

  9. Love the interview! You are ONE LUCKY WOMAN!

  10. I enjoyed your limerick and the interview.
    I volunteered for a brief time at a horse rescue. I loved every minute of my time there. Unfortunately, my back did not. I have also volunteered at a couple of wildlife rescue/rehab/release sites. There, I found my true calling. As long as I get to work with animals, I am happy.
    As an aside, unfortunately, I did not notice the coupon you had for your calendar and as such did not order it in a timely manner. Will there be another opportunity to use a discount coupon for your calendar? I wanted to order several for family and friend (self included).
    I love your site and your photos and mostly I love to impress on others my loves.

    Linda D.

  11. LOL...gotta be something good about those...they seem to love em.

  12. I wrote a little about your blog on mine today. I would hate to have not known about this blog and miss it everyday, so I spread the word.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat