Monday, November 12, 2012

Ranchsitter Report #3

 Another cold and windy day here on Sunday, filled with a cold Ethel, a sleepy Smooch, 
a jealous (stalking) horse, a dusty Alan, a hidden pig, and one shared feed bin. 

Apparently living in Cleveland does not make Ethel any more resistant to the cold... 
she must have 5 layers on.

Smooch just loves when I don't make the bed.

Lucy: Come on, Hank, just let us near her.

Hank: I. Don't. Think. So.

 I decided to go to the fence to see what George and Alan were up to.

 I swear I felt someone watching me.

Cue music: "Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, 
every step you take, I'll be watching you."

 And now I know why I sneeze when they come back to the barn.

 Oh no...still being watched.  

Lucy: Please let me through, Hank.

Hank: Not in your dreams. I'll just shove my nose against the barn 
and there is no way you are getting through.

We ventured out during lunch and collected all their toys.

 We have their attention... 

...and Alan could not resist coming to check out the cone tower Jay built and knock it over, 
kick up his heels, and head back to lunch.

I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your Princess Palace down.

 This is the first I have seen Hank allow them to share a feed bin. He must feel guilty.

Have a safe flight and we will see you soon!! 

P.S. there are beers and margaritas waiting for you  (well I think Ethel and Ethelette #2 left a few)

Ethel and the Ethelettes

The Florida report:
As you're reading this, I am making my way back to New Mexico. It's been a short trip but one filled with lots of precious moments spent with my family. And food. Lots of food. I have not worried about the ranch for one second thanks to my stellar team of ranchsitters, who are caring for my animals just as I would, and taking pictures and writing stories about it to boot! I will forever be in their debt and cannot possibly thank them enough.


  1. This has been such a treat for all of us in blogland too. So good knowing that you, Carson, have had time away that could actually be stress free because of the Fabulous Ethel and the Ethelettes!

    Hope you'll have some time with them before they return to Ethelville.

  2. Looks like everyone is trying to find a warm spot. Hope you're ready for cooler weather. Even though they've been spoiled, I know your animals will be glad to see you. Safe trips to everyone.

  3. Michelle from BC11/12/12, 6:05 AM

    Hank, your killing me!

  4. they have done a fantastic job of reporting from the ranch. i know you will be happy to see your babies. I love the stalker pics today

  5. I think the gang might say when you get home "were you gone"? ;-)
    If I was one of the Ethel and the Ethelettes
    I would be asking to move in eh ;D

  6. Ahh all good things must come to an end. Looks like everybody had a great time and the furries made new friends. Thanks for staying in touch. We didn't miss a minute of the 7MSN saga.

  7. Your ranchsitters have really entered in to the spirit of the 7MSN- they even write with the same sense of humour as you! Love the stalking Hank.

  8. It's been great fun, reading the blog done by your ranch sitters. What a wonderful group of friends. They really got into the spirit of things on your blog!

  9. Carol in N. Colorado11/12/12, 8:02 AM

    Your new ranch hands have done a marvelous job. Poor Hank is going to lose his love interest. I hope he doesn't pine away. Have a safe trip home everyone.

  10. I don't think I've ever seen Hank so smitten. He's hilarious as a stalker!

    Excellent job on the daily round up. If you guys weren't bloggers before, I dare say you won't be stopped now.

    Safe travels, Linda! See you soon.

  11. Absolutely, from me too: Thank you, Stellar Ranch & Blog Sitting Crew, especially that beautiful reporter-comedienne Ethelette #1! I had fun and no withdrawal symptoms, yay! :) And welcome back, Carson, glad you had a great, care-free (mini-)vacation!

  12. Great photos that tell a good story.
    Nice that you could get away and have such great coverage.

  13. Great job of ranch sitting as well as Hank reports. What a sweetheart. Im sure they all missed you but a little absance makes the heart grow fonder!

  14. Ethel and the Ethelettes have been a hoot to read and enjoy. To take care of your animals with such dilgence and care is fabulous but to have treated your dedicated bloggers to the delights of ranch sitting is above and beyond.
    Great job on all accounts.
    Oma Linda

  15. all are great sports, conscientious ranch setters and hilarious blog stand-ins....Could see you all really getting into any/all of it on a regular basis.....keep your bags packed!! ; )

  16. That is hysterical about Hank. He is TOTALLY into you..... Now if I could just get someone that handsome to be into me :)

  17. You know, on his good days Sting does look a lot like Hank.

  18. How quick Hank forgot about Justina. I can see he likes blondes though.

  19. I'd LOVE to be a lil mouse and see all the crew re-unite, such SWEETESS!! Yay! Ethel and Ethelettes, such a GREAT job well done!! GodSpeed Carson!

  20. I'm loving this. Ethel and the Ethelettes are fantastic! And oh that Hank.

  21. Oh Mare...Aunt Denise...I mean the pic when your all bundled in bed :) Beautiful ranch Linda!