Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ranchsitter Report #2

We have had an interesting day consisting of rain, wind, hail, Wynonna's new bed, more wind, mice, mouse traps, and pepperoni...

Ok here is the breakdown:

Jay is getting the hang of spreading poop and collecting firewood.  

I slaved away in the kitchen and made Pizza Casserole while Ethel and Ethelette #2 
drank all the beer and watched t.v. relaxed after a long day.  

Lucy: This wind is ridiculous and making my hair stand on end.  

I went out to check on them and of course they were all laying down because of the high winds.
This of course did not stop my boyfriend (Hank) from coming to see me... through wind, rain and hail... my hero :)

Oh such handsomeness... I can't take it.  

I know they wanted some lovin' too so I just waited...

Hank: They better not get up.

I knew they couldn't resist for long.

Lucy: Butt and ear scratches are just not enough. We demand more.

Sweet Alan: There is a big gust of wind coming. I can feel it.

And the hail and rain begins.
Why are you just staring at us? Take care of this weather so we can come back out.  

When we went into town, we stopped and got Smooch an early Christmas present. She loves it. 
Warning: it flies pretty far.

You know you are on a ranch when... feathers find their way onto your Kindle.

It was dinner time and I was quickly opening a bail of hay and I had two large heads in the feed room cleaning the floor for me.  The "use it for everything" knife skidded across the feed box when I set it down and fell behind it. Right away I panicked. Oh no! We use that knife for everything!  I knew exactly who to holler to - Ethelette #2.  

He came to my rescue... 

and not only got the knife,
but you now have your lid back from the horse treat container, which was behind there, too.

 No more using a lid that doesn't fit!

Wynonna's bed and surrounding area was starting to look a little sparse on the straw, 
and with the temps dipping into the 20s tonight we decided to fluff up her area for her. 

She was ecstatic.  Although she did have to take some of it out of her Princess Palace.  

 She told us we needed more practice.  

Here is our official re-creation of the mouse (bird) pepperoni situation that went down Saturday afternoon. Ethel wanted to use the rooster, so we showed her just how ridiculous that re-creation would look (no wonder you guys are friends). Jay and I decided on the nice little bird that looked just like the one that was in the dryer.  So here it is in pictures... play by play.  

We of course can't wait for you to come back!!  

Ethel and the Ethelettes 

P.S. I have a few videos for you that are great!  I will send them tomorrow... off to bed!


  1. the bird shots have e rolling around on the floor holding my sides with laughter. fantastic post, I am enjoying your visit here and their visit to your tribe.

  2. Y'all are doing such a great job! I think Carson will now be able to travel without any worry at all.

  3. What fun! Down in the 20's already? That's COLD!

  4. Pretty darn good post for subs!! Sounds like you're having a blast.

  5. Love the comical re-creation.

  6. This post made me smile; you guys look like a happy tribe with some jokesters among you. The mouse trap and pizza bird are funny.

  7. Hats off to the Ranchsitters. They are a hard working team. Your place will be so organized when you return Carson. Maybe you should keep them on. You could use some ranch hands n'est-ce pas?
    Hope you had nice weather in Florida. I think it's been windy everywhere. Here too. Maybe you have escaped in the sunny south.

  8. Ethelette #1 needs to have a blog, if she doesn't already. The dramatic recreation looks exactly like something you would do!

  9. We had a potbellied pig named Bud. When we'd refresh the straw in his "hut", he'd always go in there and rearrange it, snuffling around, pushing some out the door.

  10. i laughed...i laughed hard!

  11. I bet outside chores went quickly this morning in the 20's. These guys are hard working and full of fun. Hope you're enjoying your trip as much as they are.

  12. Did someone mention "Pizza Casserole"?

  13. You guys are having WAY too much fun eh! ;-) Thankyou for the entertainment.

  14. Excellent post by the ranch sitters. Quality humor, pictures and recreations all the things that have made 7MSN a must do daily activity....
    And now....the recipe for the pepperoni casserole please?

  15. What Linda Wildenstein said, precisely. Also, who put that whole slice of pepperoni in the mouse trap/bird beak and nearly killed me? And that re-enactment... And in the middle of it all? Tolstoy! :) summa cum laude.

  16. Laughter! The best medicine. You guys are a hoot and a half.

  17. hahahha..... those guys are hilarious! Had me laughing out loud ..... I'm still giggling away after reading the previous post to find out what was going on ....very funny..