Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ranch hands in training

Lucy takes advantage of the help.

The help doesn't seem to mind.

I'm taking advantage of the help, too. This is kinda fun.

Like mother, like daughter.

And son.


  1. Lots of smiles in these pictures. I know you're smiling, too. It is fun to watch other people work. I bet they sleep good.
    I'm guessing Ethel's ankle is a little swollen after the plane ride, but I bet she's smiling too.

  2. Michelle from BC11/7/12, 10:29 AM

    I think you've got a good group of ranch hands, they seem very eager. Will they be taking pictures of their adventures with the gang?
    Have a great vacation.

  3. Wish I could be there helping too!! I'd be sneezing my head off though since I am allergic to all the sweet animals!!! Have a GODSPEED trip Linda and good luck to all the great looking help!!

  4. Looks like everything and everybody is happy.. I to understand that it is taking 3 people to do what 1 usually does? lololol

  5. Estella from Co.11/7/12, 5:48 PM

    Looks like you have some good hands there. They are hard to come by these days.....Have a fun and safe trip. Hugs to all

  6. Jealous!!

    Els from Amsterdam

  7. It looks cold there. Good idea getting out of Dodge and heading for warmer climes. The thing about working around animals, I've found, is that it's not really work. Well, it is, but the company you have while you're doing it makes the whole experience so much more pleasant. I've worked with a few asses in my time, but this is much better.

  8. If I were in their i mean boots, I would think it was the best job i every ;-)