Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Thanksgiving Playdate ~ The Leftovers

I've served up so many photos from our Thanksgiving playdate at Morning Bray Farm that you're probably stuffed by now, 
but I hope you have room for some leftovers because I didn't want to toss these out.

Out of the hundreds of pictures I took, this is the only one in which everyone is accounted for. 
There are more asses than faces, but you take what you can get when there are eight temperamental models involved. 

Half the problem of taking pictures at Morning Bray Farm is that there are so many distractions.
Just when you've got a shot lined up in front of you, you hear the sound of wings,
lots of great big flapping wings. You can't help but look up.

It happens so often that I'm amazed a bird hasn't pooped on my lens. 
Morning Bray Farm is in the migratory path of all manner of geese, cranes, herons and who knows what else. 
The sheer number of birds flying overhead and coming in for a landing is something you have to experience to believe. 
I'm so stinkin' lucky to get to visit and be a part of it.

George: That guy gives pretty good hugs. No wonder Bernard is so happy all the time.

Alan: Can we have some?
Bernard: Back off. He's my dad and I'm not sharing.

Bernard: Be sure to tell everyone I'm the cutest ass here.

***flap flap flap flap flap flap flap***

Me: What were you saying, Bernard? I got distracted again.


  1. Loved your Thanksgiving photos. I, too, wouldn't have thrown any out. (And we aren't sick of them at all...)

  2. Bernard and George could be brothers! Bernard IS very cute, but my heart belongs to George.

  3. How irritated is Lucy about that first (fantastic) photo?

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. It's so wonderful to see all these happy souls having a great time together. And the donkeys are enjoying themselves, too!

  5. Nice to see the Canada Geese flying over to know some are migrating. Lots stay here all winter and float on the open waters in Georgian Bay. People feed them so they don't bother flying south. They have become a nuisance in NYC that I heard they are being served baked in fancy restaurants however that is just a rumor. Nobody eats them in my little corner of the world.

  6. Oh Carson, not one soul that follows this blog is tired of your Thanksgiving pic's. I also love your commentaries!

  7. I personally could dine on your leftovers of this wonderful visit forever.
    So many cuties to photo including the donkey and the birds. Looks like a super fun time.

  8. Nope, I'm not tired of them either. Bring them all on! Loved the overhead shots, too.

  9. Keep the leftovers coming.
    Lynda in Michigan.

  10. Estella from Co.11/29/12, 7:23 AM

    I totally agree with Nancy in NC. I NEVER get bored with your blog. Would like to see you riding more...hint hint hint Hugs

  11. Thanks to Don and Justina for hosting the playdate and to you, Carson, for sharing the pictures. I've enjoyed Thanksgiving in New Mexico.

  12. I love the pictures from Thanksgiving thanks so much for sharing. We got dived bombed by a Canadian goose last Wednesday, thanks goodness we were in the car and not walking, it was so loud I thought a winter thunderstorm was coming!

  13. You always make me smile, laugh or cry - thank you! Today was a great big smiley day. Those smartasses look like they've had a wonderful time! And you know George and Alan will boast about it to Hank and Lucy.

    Nancy in Iowa

  14. I love all the pictures of the visit/play date. I LOVE Buck's color too. Super cool on all the birds passing through.

  15. Pretty good hug, indeed! Ethel & the Ethelettes gave your critters some darn good hugs, too, as you yourself do, no doubt - except that we hardly ever get to see it. :-( (How about a barn/corral cam for Christmas? OK, I know, in my dreams...) ;-)

  16. P.S. Thank you for sharing this wonderful Thanksgiving feast! :)

  17. Whatta party! I love those critters, every last one of them.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat