Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Thanksgiving Playdate ~ Trailer Games

Mixing George and Alan in with the six donkeys at Morning Bray Farm, you'd think there'd be all sorts of running and chasing and cavorting in the pasture. Not so. Once Bernard decided it would be more fun to play in our horse trailer, everybody else just followed along.

George: Mom, he's eating all the hay I was saving for the return trip.
Me: Don't worry. I'm sure Justina will send us home with a plate of leftovers.

Ellsworth: As much as I like to eat, I can think of better places to do it than the inside of a cave. 
I think I'll just stand here and watch.

Everybody stood around while Bernard hopped in and out, in and out. 
Buck (on the far left) seemed particularly interested.

Ellsworth: Where does that boy find the courage?

Suddenly, Bernard made a hasty exit. Justina gasped.
Justina: Did what I think just happened happen?

Why, yes, it did. Buck taught himself to load into the trailer. Bravo, Buck!
You can read Buck's story and how he came to live at Morning Bray Farm here. (You might want to bring a kleenex.)
Needless to say, he has thrived in the year that he's been in Justina's and Don's care.
When they brought him home last October, it took four adults and several hours to get him in the trailer,
and he hadn't been willing to load since.

George: Is he going home with us?

Buck: Nope, but you can bet your ass I'll be there for the next playdate.


  1. I think Buck was trying to see if there were any more new donkeys hiding out in the trailer from 7MSN!

  2. Estella from Co.11/28/12, 6:51 AM

    Way to go Buck....that was just awesome. You and the boys always have a good time when you go visiting. Looking forward to see Buck the next visit to 7MSN. Have a good day and hugs to all.

  3. Bravo Buck! I don't know about these things, but I wonder if Buck was just not feeling like he COULD get into a trailer when he was younger? I know with a healing broken ankle for the last year, I haven't felt like getting up off the ground into a trailer.
    Anyway - so great that he did that ON HIS OWN! Play dates, here he comes!

  4. Way to go, Buck! That's the best part of the story so far.

  5. Magic just seems to happen when the herds come together. What a wonderful achievement for dear sweet Buck. Now he'll get to do the ride along to the next playdate. Thanks so much for sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving adventure with the burros. Oma Linda

  6. Carol in N. Colorado11/28/12, 8:42 AM

    Buck has certainly came a long ways under Justina and Don's care. Bravo Buck. Maybe the next playdate at 7MSN Buck will be brave enough to go.

  7. I just read Buck's story and what a big step forward getting in the trailer by himself was. Cheers to all who brought him to this place!

    My day begins with 7MSN blogs and I love it all.

    Jo in MN

  8. Maybe that was Bernard's plan all along... to get Buck to load. What an exciting day!
    I think I spied Patrick across the fence?
    It's interesting to see the difference an hour and a half can make in the landscape.
    I'm loving this day at MBF!

  9. SETF--Someone Else's Trailer Factor.

  10. Ok, so this made me tear up. It never fails to get me all choked up seeing such a story - rising from abuse to a safe and enriched life now. Bravo Buck, and everyone at Morning Bray Farm. Such a blessing to be able to witness this from afar....

  11. Just doing a little bit of catch up - I love your play dates. Bernard is such a goofball and Yay! Buck!! I always love to see Ellsworth's pretty face.