Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Thanksgiving Playdate ~ Dinner is served

We rejoin our Thanksgiving celebration at Morning Bray Farm after several hours of mingling and merriment in the pasture. 
It was time to get down to the serious business of the day – eating. 

Alan: I was expecting turkey.
George: Shhh...maybe they're vegetarians.

George: They're bowing their heads and saying grace without us
Alan: Kind of rude, if you ask me.

George: I thought having the seat at the head of the table meant I got to eat first.
Guess that's not gonna happen.

Bernard put his foot down and told George and Alan they couldn't eat at the big table...

...so Justina graciously set a place for them at the kids' table.

Everybody took a little break between the main course and dessert,
and George and Alan seized the opportunity to scarf up crumbs at the big table.

Nigel: I'm letting you get away with this because it's a holiday and my mom told me to be nice to you.

George: Let's not air the family laundry in public, boys. Besides, it's time for dessert.

George: I think I smell pumpkin pie.


  1. I am always amazed by the pecking order in animals and humans too.
    There it is again around the feed trough.
    It's always a pleasure to read about your ranch.
    Best always,

  2. Love seeing photos of Nigel.

  3. My dog Stella opens her mouth when she wants to pick up a good scent, like George and the pumpkin pie. Not quite as obvious as George, but she is after it! I don't know if it works for humans but my sense of smell isn't too good, so I would not be an example.

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. Belated Happy Thanksgiving, Linda and thank you for sharing those pictures with funny remarks which made me smiling or laughing... So good to see George and Alan among my grand donkeys...Love the last remark by George!!! :-D

  5. Carol in N. Colorado11/27/12, 8:41 AM

    Too cute!!

  6. They like watermelon. George might be smelling a pumpkin itself instead of pumpkin pie. If not, have you ever tried breaking up a pumpkin and feeding it to the family?

    Crisp, sharp pictures as usual. What length (mm) lens do you use. Is is a zoom lens?

  7. Interesting to see George and Alan out of their element, sticking together, and using their "company" manners.
    Fun to see Justina and her herd. I haven't picked out Patrick, either. Still looking for him.

  8. The 3rd photo from the bottom is the cutest of all. Looks as if the those two are having a stand-off maybe? Or telling each other how the donkey eats hay? Wonderful photos as usual. I thought that I might as well begin to comment sooner or later- for me it is mostly later.