Monday, November 26, 2012

A Thanksgiving Playdate

George, Alan and I traveled to Morning Bray Farm on Saturday to celebrate Thanksgiving. Obviously we are not slaves to the calendar. 
I took 420 pictures. Don't panic–I won't post them all, but be forewarned that this story might have several chapters.


It was 8:30 Saturday morning. Since every trailering experience for George and Alan heretofore had landed them at the vet,
I was pleasantly surprised ecstatic when they hopped right in and we got on our way. 
The weather was perfect and I knew it would be the best Thanksgiving ever. 

As many times as the donkeys of MBF have visited the 7MSN for playdates, we have never taken it in the other direction, 
so this was a momentous occasion. The welcoming committee came out in force. Bernard (on the left) seemed the most curious 
about the strange trailer being backed into his driveway, while Ellsworth (in the middle) explained the guest list to Buck. 
Buck was never willing to hop in the trailer to go to the 7MSN had never met George and Alan.

Alan: Whoa. We're not at the vet. Cool.

We gave George and Alan a few minutes to get their bearings before we merged the herds.

They took in all the new sounds...

...and new smells.

Enough with that crap. Let the games begin. 
Bernard was first out of the gate.

He headed straight for our trailer.
George: What's he doing?
Alan: Is he planning to go home with us?
Me: Stop worrying and enjoy yourselves.

George: It smells different here.
Me: You're being rude. Relax and go play.

The herds mingled without incident in the pasture. 
Gracie Belle showed a passing interest in George but played hard to get for the rest of the day.

Nigel seemed a tiny bit threatened by Alan. Was there room in the pasture 
for two dark and handsome BLM burros? Time would tell.

George: I still think it smells funny here.
Me: Get over it!

About that time, everyone looked around and came to the same realization.
Where was Bernard, the life of any party?

Justina: Bernard, please get out of their trailer. You're being anti-social. 
Bernard: No, I'm not. There's hay in there and I want a snack.

Will Bernard relent and join the play group? Will George stop embarassing me? Will Justina, Don and I 
find time to break away from the herd dynamics and eat turkey? We'll find out in tomorrow's episode.


  1. was any turkey being served? or where the burro's being the "turkeys" that day eh ;-)

  2. Estella from Co.11/26/12, 5:10 AM

    Sounds and looks like another great get together. I'm surprised they didn't start eating with that lovely grass pasture under their feet, what a nice playground (no one would get hurt if they fell, hahaha) I'm sure you had a lovely day and will look forward to seeing more...hugs to all MBF as well

  3. What a fun reverse playdate!

    And Carson, I am impressed with your backing skills. It looks like a narrow landing spot in the last picture and you nailed it spot on!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the herds.

  4. Where is Patrick?

  5. Horses smell like George as well. I wonder how they take in these new odors with their lips pursed like that. I've tried it myself and it blocks my breathing. Perhaps it's a way of getting rid of a bad smell in your nose. I'll try this at the hockey arena. Lots of bad smells there. Ha!

  6. Can't wait for tomorrow's! I wouldn't want turkey - I'd just want to watch them play. Happy post Thanksgiving to all..

  7. They're so cute together. George is really taking it all in. Making a memory. I'd like to see all 420 pictures. Can't wait til tomorrow.

  8. Wow---a new wrinkle in the play-date universe! Is there anything cuter than a herd of happy burros?

  9. Looks like it was a very fun day!! Great photos!

  10. I had wondered after your trip to the vet, if you wouldn't be traveling down to MBF with your boyz soon. This has been the topic of conversation ever since the twitter. The Cuckettes were very excited to see the possibilities.
    How fun for everyone. Will look forward to all the episodes of 7MSN travels to MBF. Thanks for taking us on the adventure. Oma Linda

  11. Fun! Most of my favorite burros in one place at the same time. Too bad Lucy and Ramsey couldn't make it.

  12. Where I go for holidays they don't even like for me to bring my dog. How fun would it be to drive up with three donkeys!!!


  13. That is quite a pile of donkeys!

    You know, every time I see one of your photos like the first one, I am amazed that they all stay in the fence. Emma would hop through those rails in two seconds flat.

  14. Michelle from BC11/26/12, 9:34 AM

    420 pictures .... bring'em on, we'd love it!

  15. Hmmm, much as I love seeing all the Best Donkeys Ever together in a group, I too wonder about Patrick. He is conspicuously absent in these photos. Do we need to worry?

  16. No need to worry about Patrick! He was just crowded out in most of these photos - I'm sure he'll be front and center in some of the next round.
    p.s. those are his legs behind Bernard and George in the sixth photo from the top.

  17. They MUST have a sprinkling system to have the grass that they do. I can you are jealous of that. It sure is great to see all those wonderful perked-up ears together. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Did Lucy stay home because of Gracie Bell?

  19. How fun was that! All those sweet babies.

  20. What fun it must be for them to get together with their friends every once in a while. You guys are such good donkey parents.

  21. What fun! I need another donkey! My sheeps do too, though I doubt that they really know that. I had one years ago and she was just so much fun! Thanks for sharing!