Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Remedial trailer loading with George and Alan

I can count on one hand the number of times George and Alan have been in a horse trailer, and it's been two years since the last time.
What can I say? We don't get out much and there's no place like home. Since they'll be going to the vet soon for some routine maintenance,
I want to be sure I can get them there with as little fuss as possible.

When I brought Hank and Lucy home from their vet visit last week, I parked the trailer at the corral gate so the burrito brothers could get reacquainted with the cave on wheels.

They seemed very disappointed that their friends from Morning Bray Farm did not emerge.

My plan was to open the trailer door a few times a day and give them the opportunity to enter...or not.
There is no point in ever trying to force a burro/donkey to do anything. It just doesn't work.

By day two, George was hopping in and out to his heart's delight.
Never underestimate the magnetic properties of a little hay.

Alan took a day longer. The sight of George snacking without him 
was finally too much to bear and he climbed in.

All the silliness that goes on out here with these two
(e.g. playing dress-up, research projects involving feed sacks, etc.) pays off at times like these.

I think the fun and games they're exposed to stimulates their natural curiosity.
They're less likely to be afraid of a dark, noisy space that shakes and rattles when they move around.

Exiting the aforementioned space seems to require more of a leap of faith than entering.

We're still working on that part.


  1. Gee, dontcha hava ramp to help with that ingress/egress issue?

  2. My friend does that with her horses. She just leaves hay in her trailer and they go in and out whenever they want! It's hilarious to sit up at her place and listen to the sounds coming out of the trailer.

  3. Do you still have any of the Paco treats ... just in case?

    M in NC

  4. "burrito brothers"!! HAHAteehee....that sounds like a name for the lastest rock band or the newest food at TocoBell eh! ;-)

  5. You are so smart Carson. Good idea to get them prepared in advance for the voyage to the vet. Otherwise a battle would surely ensue on vet day. I know how hard it is to get a cat into a carrier. Good luck.
    Best always,

  6. I wonder if a trip to Morning Bray in the next week or so would help them "like" trailer trips? Instead of the trailer always signifying a vet visit (not usually a fond memory), they could learn to associate the dark, noisy rattlebox-on-wheels with friendly fun!

  7. Estella from Co,10/24/12, 7:24 AM

    You're such a GOOD teacher...Hugs to all.

  8. I see a diy project in your future--ramp for the boys.

  9. Training donkeys musty be an art in itself, one that requires a great deal of patience. I too hope you take them for a play date at Morning Bray.

  10. Luckily I have never had to load Harry and Gunny. Getting them in their shelter for the farrier is enough of a rodeo. And my vet lives 5 minutes away. Phew!

  11. You're full of good ideas, Carson! I was wondering how easily they loaded. I'm sure getting in and out is part of the game for them.

    I want to know how many tries it took to back the trailer to that spot. :)

  12. You make everything a party ... even when learning something. Have George and Alan considered a reality show or at least a movie?

  13. Burro sure do know your fur chilluns well. The donkey boys are so full of spit and vinegar and thinking on your part.

  14. Excellent strategy. Nicely done.

  15. The Burrito Brothers are just cuter than cute. Do they behave well for the Vet?


  16. You know, I was just thinking I don't think I have EVER had my burrito, pepe in a trailer. Hes been in the back of a couple pickup beds and the back of my little truck with the complete shell on it, prettymuch like a trailer and legal to transport him, in this state LOL! He is so small though that I can just pick him up with a little help.