Thursday, October 25, 2012

Down the road with Smooch ~ October 2012

"Down the Road with Smooch" used to be a monthly post that chronicled for posterity the who-what-where-when of our daily walk. 
The series died a natural death last January but was hereby resurrected yesterday evening when I realized I had no pictures for today's post.

Date: October 24, 2012
Route: Around the fenceline, with a shortcut through the pasture
Distance: 1.5 miles
Time: 5-ish to 6-ish pm
Temperature: 75 degrees 
Wind: 11 mph out of the south (I love my weather station)
On the iPod: This American Life podcast   
Attire: Long-sleeved shirt, denim jacket, shorts, sneakers, George's favorite pink cap.

The weather couldn't be more perfect. I'm still running around in shorts every day, the windows in the house are open 24/7, 
and the woodstove hasn't been used yet this fall. Surely I will pay for saying this out loud.

The tumbleweeds have started to tumble...

...and Smooch stops often to lick the unlucky paw that happens to connect with a sticker.

The reason we walk around the fenceline is to check fence. Here we notice that something has tried to go through the electric tape, 
and we have no earthly idea what it could be. We imagine an alien with one tiny horn and walk on.

It dawns on me that I haven't had to fix fence in several months. Then it dawns on me 
that I haven't seen a cow in the vicinity for several months. Funny how that works.

Smooch stops to dig a hole in the road and I patiently wait for her to finish. 
After all these many walks (1,580 in round numbers), we have come to an understanding. 
She waits for me while I take pictures, and I wait for her while she digs holes and licks stickers out of her feet. 
It's the secret to a happy relationship.

Speaking of happy relationships...we head back home via the path through the pasture, 
and Lucy stops eating her dinner to come out and greet us.


  1. Sigh...
    What a beautiful place.
    This is a beautiful place here, too, but I don't get to stay here all day.

  2. Smooch is having a great time.
    My little Pax loves to dig holes also and when we go on walks, he also gets those goathead stickers in his paws and I have to take them out. those things hurt.

  3. Great walk! Is there a name for the mesa in the distance?

  4. Gentle sweetness. Love it.

  5. We've had beautiful weather here too. According to the weather channel, you should probably close the windows tonight.
    I know Smooch enjoys these walks as much as you. Love the long, lean fall shadows.

  6. I love that you resurrected this feature.....
    And as I have said in the past, you don't have a bad view in any direction from your ranch. Just gorgeous and that includes the last photo....the girls just hanging out. Oma LInda

  7. I'm in love with your life....

  8. Wow - if I tried to take photos on a 5-6 PM walk, they would be dark and gloomy and probably wet. The days are so short here now.
    I esepcially love the last shot.

  9. Estella from Co.10/25/12, 11:11 AM

    Sounds and looks like a lovely way to spend an evening. Poor Smooch, hate those darn stickers. Have a good day and hugs for all.

  10. wonderful and always so fun to come visit your blog. love the last photo how fun,
    peace n abundance,

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