Tuesday, October 23, 2012

George completes his ensemble

When offered the choice of wearing a blue or pink hat yesterday, George expressed a definitive preference for pink.

What would he do when confronted with the daunting task of putting together an entire outfit?

George: I do like the pink, but I wouldn't want to appear predictable.

George: I'm going with the blue. Help me try it on, mom.

Hank: The color combination is nice, but you still look ridiculous.

George: I had no idea this getting-dressed stuff was so hard. How do you people do it every day?

George: My mind is made up. I'm going with the pink. I don't care if the folks at home think it's too matchy-matchy.

p.s. Someone asked in the comments yesterday where they might get a 7MSN cap.
Here's the link at café press. And here's a 20% off coupon code to use: CART1019.
If that code expires, check for current coupons for café press at retailmenot.com.


  1. Hard to believe Alan hasn't worked his way into the dressing room!

  2. I have the MSN hat in blue. I know where a donkey lives so I'll have to pop by and see if he likes the color.
    They are so curious. I never realized that.
    Best always,

  3. All along I've thought Alan is the head goofball. But now I'm beginning to realize it's probably George.

  4. Going by his facial expressions, picking out clothes is more fun than actually wearing them. I'm glad he settled on pink.

  5. Can Alan go shopping with me? I hate shopping as much as dental surgery. He seems to quickly see what's best and move on. I need someone like that with me.
    Looks like George can use some advice as well.

  6. Too matchy-matchy? Not as far as I am concerned. Pink just is perfect for you!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  7. Yes, I think pink is definitely his colour. cheers Wendy