Friday, October 26, 2012

Bad table manners

Alan and George play with their food.

Lucy tries to engage George in a debate, but he is not the least bit interested in anything she has to say.
I've warned her that politics is not polite dinner conversation, but does she listen? No.

George attempts to bring the attention back on himself by tipping over his tub,

then he bites off more than he can chew.

Hank and George go back for seconds, and poor little Alan is left to starve.


  1. HA! I so about politics at the table give's me indigestion and gas eh ;0

  2. I've got some burro humor over on my blog today! It's a one time event :-)

    I don't think I have the same talent at captioning their thoughts but I gave it a try!

  3. I'd eat dinner with these characters any day! :)

  4. What's the blue thing in the last photo?

  5. Somehow I don't think Alan will starve for long. You and your readers have way to much compassion for that.

    Best always,

  6. Estella from Co.10/26/12, 6:48 AM

    Lucy, gets her point across doesn't she. Miss kissing those soft lips. So glad they have learned to share....I've started my day with a giggle in my heart, thank you. Hugs

  7. George is stirring the pot and Lucy's not having it. You can always count on this bunch for a smile.

  8. I'm impressed that Lucy takes the time to apply serious eyeliner before she heads out for breakfast...shows off very well in that first photo!

    Oh, poor, sad, skinny little Alan...he's got that 'poor me' look down just fine. Linda, Do you keep a big mirror in the barn so they can practice all these fantastic facial expressions?!!

  9. Aw! Poor George! He can come to live with me. I'll make sure he doesn't starve.