Sunday, September 16, 2012

Simply irresistible

Alan and I were in the middle of a portrait session when Lucy walked up behind him.

He did not appreciate her sharing the spotlight... he took a few steps back.

Lucy got the message, and I got the pictures I was after.

Me: Alan, you're aware you've got sand all over your nose, right?

Alan: Makes me even more irresistible, don't you think?


  1. Way to go, Alan, commanding the spotlight. Too, too cute. Looks like brown sugar on that sweet face.

  2. Love the sand covered close up! :)

  3. What a mug that boy has. :-))

  4. Alan is such a cutie. Your donkeys and their sibling rivalry remind me of so many vintage photos where brothers and sisters have "tantrums" and the photog captures them forever. Donkeys, donkeys, don't squabble, you're all darling. But being the baby, Alan is just naturally a little more "sensitive". Love his muddy mug. OmaLinda

  5. Those boys come up with the strangest faces. They make me laugh...they've become quite the celebrities, mugging for the camera.

  6. I'm thinking Alan should have his own calendar...

  7. Could that last photo be added to the For You section?

    And I agree with forest. Alan should have his own!

    (and, then, of course Lucy.
    the kitties.