Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday encore ~ Because they're worth it

In early 2006, I bought a dozen traffic cones to mark off patterns in the arena for training Lyle. In 2007, I adopted two burros who love to play with cones. In 2011, this is all that remains of the dozen cones.

I was in Home Depot yesterday purchasing more supplies for the chicken coop when I passed by a row of bright and shiny traffic cones. George and Alan would never forgive me if I came home with skylights for the chickens and nothing for them, so of course I added some cones to my cart.

Want to take bets on how long these will look shiny and new?
I'm putting my money on an hour. Or less.

With the old cones and the new cones set up side by side in the corral,
I called the herd home. I wanted to see which set they would prefer...
and whether or not I had wasted my money.

Boys! Lucy! I have a surprise for you. It's Christmas in September!

Hank went straight to the old and familiar set.
George opted for shiny and new.

George: These smell kind of funny.
I'd better wait for Alan to taste these first. He's the cone-noisseur.

Alan: Qu'est-ce que c'est?

George: Mom bought us new cones. What do you think?

Alan: C'est bon. C'est très bon.
Lucy: Oh would you just give it a rest?

George: If Alan says these are good, who am I to question?

Alan: These are ... how you say ... petit ...
easier to grip, not as heavy to carry around. Merci, mom!


  1. Too funny! I have a set of white cones with corresponding letters for a dressage arena - don't think I'd like your cone loving characters near them! ;)

  2. Looks like the old ones provided plenty of entertainment. Anything orange and shiny can't be a waste of money. I see puddles in these September pics.

  3. Alan, tu es un garçon magnifique! Si intelligent!

  4. You guys just make my day!