Sunday, August 26, 2012

They grow up so fast

It was Friday afternoon around 3:30. I had the day off from work and was deep in the throes of a DIY project 
that involved my office, the front porch, a very long drill bit, the risk for electrocution, 
and much cursing. (More on that later in the week or when I finish it, whichever comes first.) 
Anyway, I was measuring the office wall for the umpteenth time, paralyzed by doubt and indecision, 
when who should I spy outside the door but my good friend Baby Squirrel #1.

Baby Squirrel #1: Mama, the nice lady is troubled and could use some comic relief.

Mama Squirrel: How many times must we have this discussion? Do not talk to strangers.
Baby Squirrel: She's not a stranger! I met her last week and she was very nice.
Mama Squirrel: Nice and strange is more like it. Now hurry up. We've got to get back home before rush hour.

Mama Squirrel: Be on the lookout for a pig and a bunch of chickens.

Mama Squirrel: The pig might sit on you and those don't want to know.

Baby Squirrel #1: I'm not afraid chickens. I'm not afraid of anything.

Mama Squirrel: Just be quiet and hop to it.

Mama Squirrel: This is a donkey crossing. Look both ways and don't be fooled by the masks.

Me: See you next time, kids. Thanks for stopping by. I needed that.


  1. Now that was just too cute. I needed a good laugh like that to start my day!

  2. i don't comment every day, but I want you to know your blog post makes each day special, your photography and your animals and your humor. i had no idea squirrels lived in desert area like yours. keep posting, i am loving it and hope the electrocution did not happen

  3. who knew eh! ;-) .......that squirrels could talk.....

  4. Oh, they are adorable! I wonder how many of them you'll have next year...

  5. I know most folks are squirrel haters, at least in my neck of the woods, but I absolutely love them. I have lots of squirrels because I feed wild birds...and the squirrels love the leftover bits of sunflower hulls and scattered seeds that get flung out of the feeder. They really are fun to watch, hilarious gymnasts, smart, and fast. They also love to fuss at my dogs, who love to chase them up the trees. It's all day entertainment at my house.

  6. Estella from Co.8/26/12, 7:39 AM

    NEVER a dull moment around THE 7MSN, I'm with Theresa, I didn't know squirrels could talk.... Have a lovely day and hugs to all.

  7. Perfect. That's all I got.

  8. Again, great photos, great captions.

  9. I needed that too! Those are excellent shots considering how quick and perky they are.

  10. All of the critters in your neck of the woods are so articulate and interesting.

  11. Do you think they're coming for Wynonna's leftovers? Is there such a thing? They've grown! The conversation is too cute.
    Can't wait to see your project results.
    P.S. Electrocution = Earphones X 1.2 zillion

  12. Does mama squirrel have a permanent left kink in her tail? From trying to out smart a screen door maybe, in her pre-7MSN past.

    Intellectually I know that squirrels start out small, but you just never see them, so it's great to get these glimpses of squirrel childhood.

  13. They are so cute. I just want to squish them.

  14. I just hope your danger jane endeavor went well. No more tabletops and ladders I trust.
    Gosh the squirrels are cute.

    Seconds after my father in law, who was the biggest native american trickster ever, passed away, this huge grey squirrel came to his back door, stood up on it's back legs, fussed at the inside of the house (I'm sure now that you could have translated but I don't speak squirrel) and then kicked up his back legs, danced across the lawn and was gone. I'm sure the old trickster became a shape shifter and had his last say.

    I've always loved squirrels and that convinced me that's a good thing. Just sharing a strange story. But according to the squirrels you should understand. Yes?

    Thanks for yet another smiley moment, Oma Linda

  15. Thanks, Carson. You and your family make my days!

  16. Awwwwwww! I've never seen a momma squirrel with her babies; weird, right? Anyway, she seems to be very attentive.... Very cute!

  17. I can't begin to tell you how much enjoyment I get from tuning in to the goings-on at the 7MSN!! The sense of humor of all your many "kids", and especially your great wit, have put so many smiles on my face (and some of them were much needed). Just wanted you to know that you brighten all our days! :-)

  18. I live in squirrel country and I've never seen a mama squirrel with her babies either!! We find the babies from time to time when they fall out of the nest...and sometimes the cats find them first :( We fostered 1 and then let him return to the woods 3-4 months later. Love the pics!