Monday, August 27, 2012

A 5-minute walk around the house

In yesterday's post, I alluded to a DIY project in progress. The good news is that I have not electrocuted myself
or irreparably damaged the telephone/internet/tv wiring in my office wall.

The bad news is that this project is still in progress. Two trips to Home Depot and seven hours into it and I'm still not done.
By mid-day Sunday, I was in desperate need of a 5-minute break to clear my head,
so I got down off the ladder and took a walk around the house.

 Maybe it was my mood, but when I looked at the skull that guards the garden, all I could see was this:

I'm willing to bet this guy was in the middle of a DIY project.

Anyway, continuing on my 5-minute tour around the house...

I spotted this exquisite Western Fence Lizard but didn't get many pictures of him...

...because Smooch was busy chasing a mouse up the house...

...and then the mouse spotted the swallow's nest...

...and I was afraid the mouse would figure out where the front door was so I threw a bunch of rocks to chase him back down...

...but there was no way that a) I was going to hit the mouse because I throw like a girl or
b) he would come back down because Smooch was waiting for him.

So I continued on my 5-minute tour around the house and Smooch followed me 
and we found these swallows waiting for their parents to return with food.

Baby Swallows: Got any bugs?
Me: Not at the moment.

Then I got too close to the baby swallows, and they flew from their nest to the nearest landing strip,

which happened to be this window ledge.
I stood on a chair to get this bird's eye view.

And Smooch said she would catch me if I fell.

Happily, I did not.

And that's the best thing I can say about Sunday afternoon.


  1. Baby swallows are so cute! Can't wait to see your "two trip to Home Depot in seven hour project". My husband started a project once, we went so many times to the hardware store that on the last trip (4th or 5th) we went to a different town, because he could face going back to the same one again. The project did come out beautiful!

  2. Sounds like you had a heck of an afternoon, but don't let this project get the best of you. As frustrating as some projects can be, the end result is always good, + I'm anxious to see what you're tackling this time.

  3. You have more patience than I do with DIY projects...I shut down before I ever open the first box :p

  4. One of the best things about your blog is that you see so much in your environment. I find when I walk my cat I too see more simply because I am moving at a much slower pace. Love the colors of the lizard, the attention the swallows are paying to your nearness and the splash of color of the fuchsia chair.

  5. 7 hours? I'd last 7 minutes! The baby swallows are adorable!

  6. Not falling is very good eh! ;p

  7. cute cute baby birds, but wow that lizard is really a beautiful turquoise blue. are they always like that or is it mating season or something? love Smooch
    peace n abundance,
    ps hope you get your project done soon

  8. Glad to know that you, your wiring, and your sense of humor are still intact.
    I enjoyed the walk around the house. That lizard IS amazing. Hope your walk took the scream out of you.
    I have confidence that the project will get done. The tools and supplies are no help to me as to what you're doing.

  9. Hey! My tool buckets are the same as your tool bucket!
    I, too, am in the middle of a project that was supposed to take ONE day--until I pulled the decking off the back porch and decided I needed to replace all the framing too...
    Love the color of the lizard, and I miss my swallows--owls chased 'em off this year. :-(

  10. I have all the confidence in the world that you will find a solution and an end to the torture of the DIY. Getting away for a few, always soothes the "&%#** for me. And you have the most wonderful views and critters to help that process along. Hope all went well. Glad you're okee dokee.

  11. Very intriguing project...can't wait to hear what has you so engrossed. I love all the critters that inhabit your little piece of heaven there. I thought Mr. Skull was looking quite lovely, with the ivy wreath softening his features. Good luck on your DIY project.

  12. Seven miles south of nowhere but never boring.....

  13. Carol in N. Colorado8/27/12, 4:09 PM

    I think you should enter the All American Handyman. You built a beautiful chicken house, you restrung all the hay bales, and now you have a new project. I can't wait to find out what you are doing. The lizard is pretty and I am glad my granddaughter isn't there as she would be playing with it. You can keep the swallows although they are cute.

  14. SO looking forward to seeing what this project is about! Electricity scares me. I have the scars to prove it.

  15. Hi Linda...we have great lizards too but haven't seen the blue ones...some blue, but not that much.

    I did rescue one from a piece of equipment that goes on the tractor yesterday. Apparently "she" went through the machined hole (we think to follow a baby nearby) and got herself stuck. Front end went through fine, but not that hippy end. A tiny bit of canola oil later and a steady light handed pull by my lizard handing assistant and we got her backed out. Blotted with a towel and set down in the dirt...she took off just fine with baby close behind.