Sunday, July 8, 2012

Celebrating the arrival of monsoon season

The summer monsoon season arrived at the 7MSN late Thursday afternoon. Of course it did. 
Because I wasn't stressed enough about Friday morning's trip to the vet, Mother Nature added 11.4 miles 
of tire-sucking mud to my worries. I hate it when she messes with me like that.

Anyway, after being blessed with seven tenths of an inch of rain,
Lucy and the boys emerged from the barn for a whopper of a celebration. 
They all marched into the corral and began to eat the mud. 

I have no idea why. Perhaps it was the novelty of it all.

Or maybe they're just weird.

Lucy: Stop mugging for the camera. It's my turn.

Lucy: I'm so happy it rained, I could just scream!

Hank: It makes me want to kick up my heels and scare the crap out of mom.

Hank: Out of my way, boys. Party in the pasture!

Watching Hank race across the mud through the viewfinder seems less real than watching him in person 
and lessens the severity of my heart attacks.

Lucy: This stuff is slicker than snot. I think I'll just walk.


  1. So very glad you got rain!~

  2. Carson, glad you got some rain! I don't think I've ever seen Hank so muddy before! :-)

  3. Glady you got some rain, I would like enough to settle the dust and wash cobwebs off plants, but no rain in site here for months to come. Cute photos.

  4. Carol in N. Colorado7/8/12, 8:14 AM

    It's the rain wonderful. The cooler weather has been very enjoyable. Although Colorado is now dealing with mudslides. Can't win. Enjoy the weather with the gang.

  5. I bet it smells great, too! I imagine the ground is dry again in a very short while. Enjoy the wet stuff.

  6. Nothing is slicker than that southwestern mud. I remember running into a few times in Arizona and it can be quite dangerous.... I'm with Lucy.. walk, don't run!

  7. Hehe, looks like Hank and C. are feeling the same way about rain as we are the sun decides to make a rare appearance here in England at the moment!

    Maybe they're getting the minerals out of the mud?

  8. The rain brought all kinds of cute faces, but Lucy and her rain dance is the cutest by far. We must enjoy it while we can....soon the devil will send part of his territory back up here to visit. Boooooooooooo, hisssssss, but right now 80's, dang it feels swell. Oma Linda

  9. Your sand must be very different from out sand..we can get 3 inches of rain and it wont even make a got less than an inch and its MUD...awesome mud. ENJOY.
    Its still 103 here in SC but I hear a cooler front is on the way..

  10. Tire sucking mud. I love that expression, tho I'm sorry you have to deal with it. We've had rain,wind, and hail here this afternoon. Temps dropped from 104 to 76. I felt just like your herd...stopping short of eating mud. You're good, Carson. I feel these pictures.

  11. Ah, I could almost smell the desert. I do miss that so much, the scent of wet New Mexico.

    Lucy is just so rational. I'm with Hank! Let's roll and freak out our moms!


  12. I live in San Antonio and we woke up this morning to the beautiful sound of rain! WooHoo!!! I totally understand their happiness!