Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday encore ~ A little cowgirl wisdom from Wynonna

The thought of losing my sweet porcine princess sent more than shivers up my spine this week. 
As I continue to rejoice at the joy she continues to bring to me, 
I'll repeat one of my favorite Wynonna posts, from September 2009. 


"It's a hard life, but it's all mine."

"I thought about being a lady, then they told me I couldn't cuss."

"My face makes 'em smile, my brain makes 'em run."

"A girl's got every right to be the center of attention."

"I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one."

On the way to finding the perfect sayings to accompany these photos, I came across Lipstick Ranch, the art of KC Willis. Lord have mercy, just send me one of everything. All the quotes above are from her site and carry her copyright. She uses them in her custom wall hangings, which she calls "fiber fiction." They're unlike anything I've ever seen, and I love them. There will be a KC Willis creation hanging at the 7MSN as soon as I can make up my indecisive mind.

p.s. here's the one I finally chose: 


  1. I felt barely able to breathe yesterday after having read your post on Wy baby. Let's just say it was a 'teary' sort of day. It seems impossible to love anything so much as how we love our animals, doesn't it? Blessings each and every one they are...and there are no words to express the relief and joy I feel now that Miss Wynonna is going to be OK. Please give her a slice of watermelon from me...

  2. SO glad to hear that Wynonna is OK. I know just how relieved you must be:) These creatures sure do put us through he wringer sometimes.

  3. So happy to know Wy is ok. I totally agree with Monie :)

  4. Yey!!!!! That was a lovely post and I hadn't seen there was an update to yesterday's post. More watermelon fro Wynonna from us here too please!!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful photos of 'our' sweet girl. Like the rest of your readers, I am so very thankful that Wynonna's new facial feature turned out to be something that should clear up in no time. I'm sure it was a stressful day for you both, and certainly one deserving of cool, fresh watermelon for a certain piggy.

  6. Wynonna is one smart cookie alright with plenty of wisdom to go around. Glad she's okay. Love the wall hanging.

  7. If a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one. Words to live by.

  8. I'm only just catching up on the Wynona drama now! Phew, so glad the Porcine Princess will be reigning over us for a good while yet! Give her a kiss from me x

  9. Hope she is resting and getting lots of love and attention. Hope her mouth isn't too sore.'re definitely a looker!

  10. Oh, my!!! I missed yesterday's update, so I was delighted with today's comments, which promptly sent me back to yesterday's page. So glad the mystery is solved and she's OK! I hope the surgery didn't hamper her appetite!

    Nancy in Iowa