Monday, July 9, 2012

George and Alan face off

When the rains came last week, George and Alan were ready to rumble. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them as they put on a wrestling match to rival anything available on pay-per-view. As I sorted and sifted through all the pictures, I couldn't help but focus on their facial expressions. Where do they learn this stuff? You're all familiar with "the stink-eye," but they've each come up with some heretofore unnamed looks that defy description (though I will try).

Today I will present you with George's repertoire, and tomorrow Alan will get his turn. Vote for your favorite expression at the bottom of the post, then Wednesday, we'll have a head-to-head face-off for the best badass look of all.

1. The dirty-nose double stinkeye

2. The aerodynamic gap-mouthed pinned-ears single stinkeye

3. The I'll-always-be-taller-than-you giraffe

4. The reverse giraffe with a twist

5. The pucker-puss overbite

6. The one-eared look of righteous indignation

7. The you're-not-worth-my-time tongue lashing

8. The I'm-willing-to-bite-my-tongue-off-to-win grimace

9. The half-giraffe pucker-puss overbite

10. The Taylor-Swift-I've-won-another-award-are-you-kidding-me.


  1. Thanks for the morning laugh! All his faces are hysterical!

  2. i think #5 looks like the Church Lady on SNL

  3. I'm going with #5 too, but it was hard to choose.

  4. #10 should win for Best Title.

  5. Carol in N. Colorado7/9/12, 8:43 AM

    I see another great calendar in the making. Which one to choose? Oh my, it was a difficult choice as each photo is hysterical. Can't wait for tomorrow's blog.

    How do you get any work done? I would be out with the gang all the time.

  6. Admit I was torn in between Reversed giraffe and Taylor Swift but Taylor's gotta win, his expression is priceless. :) They're all so good.

  7. I'd need two votes: One for my favorite badass expression, one for my favorite description! :D

  8. LOVED the referral to Taylor Swift but I voted for #5. They are all funny!

  9. Hard to choose. I voted for #3..the one that would intimidate me the most. George was really feeling his ornery side and showing off a little too, I think.

    Way to stink-eye, George.

  10. The Casa de Cuckoo crew voted for very many of them but we all agreed that #10 had the very best title. Stinkeye is an art and Picaso and Van Gogh alias George and Alan are true artists. Oma Linda

  11. Like others have said it was hard to choose, but i voted for #5.

  12. the one eyed righteous indignation look reminds me of when my two male cats get into it...they both circle each other all hunched up, ears back, making satanic noises...actually pretty spooky. Are your guys making noises when they rumble?

  13. Jenny in MN, now in AZ7/9/12, 7:58 PM

    Oh dear... I hope you put all of these into a calendar page collage or a set of postcards or something that I can display! I haven't had such a good chuckle in a long time!

  14. The NAME of #10 is the funniest lol

  15. I'm inpress with the great photos you have on the blog.
    And of course,your lovelies 4 legs :)