Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Backed into a corner

In the middle of summer between 6:30 and 7 a.m., there's a small triangle of shade on the south side of the barn. 
This is where I found myself and my herd Saturday morning, waiting for Shorty (our farrier). 

Alan: Wish he'd hurry up and get here. 
I've got better things to do than get backed into a corner by Hank.

George: Tell me about it.

Me: Hank, could you move your large self back a few feet? 
George and Alan are looking particulary adorable and you're sort of in the way.

Hank: Deal with it.

Hank: The folks at home would rather look at my buff neck and chest than those two knuckleheads.

 Me: Um...maybe not.


  1. Are burros much more playful than horses? I can't seem to recall my horses messing with each other as much as George and Alan do. My horses loved to run together when a wild hair took them, but all that face play didn't happen.....

  2. Sometimes a the view of their velvet muzzles and their deep, soulful eyes makes tears well up in my eyes. I long for the day that I, too, can have some waiting for mee to come with watermelon!

  3. Poor Hank always has to play the straight man in the comedy of burros.

  4. That last picture deserves inclusion in your next calendar.

  5. I ♥ those two!

  6. I don't see how you get anything done. These two seem to be an endless source of entertainment. For Hank and Lucy, it must be like being around kids who just won't behave.
    Hope Shorty came before the shade was gone.
    Does the rain gauge have cobwebs in it yet?

  7. I see some of next year's calendar shots! Thanks for the morning smile, as always.

  8. That last shot is sure a cute one!!

  9. How can I have a crush on George and not have noticed his beautiful striped ears? That photo is amazing.

  10. Oh, Linda! Thank you & the two knucklheads for the laugh on a day when I find out my BFF's Golden may have a cancerous tumor on his spleen and I have baby House Finches trying to fledge the nest while my 2 Tibetan spaniels have it in mind they're snacks. I may have to realize I can't save the world...