Monday, July 30, 2012

The boys put Lucy out to pasture

It was around 8:00 Friday night. I had just sat down to eat dinner and watch the Olympics when I heard Lucy 
shout out one of her drama-queen brays. I looked out the window to assess the situation, 
put my dinner back in the oven, and went outside to make things right.

Me: You guys are being mean to your sister again.

Lucy: They've put me out to pasture!

Somebody had closed the corral gate, leaving Lucy on the outside looking in. She could have pushed it open
and squeezed through, but being the well-behaved follower of rules that she is, she chose to voice her opinion instead.

Since it was almost time to remove fly masks and turn everybody out for the night, I opened the gate and let her back in.

Alan: We'd better wait for Lucy. Wouldn't want her to get any madder than she already is.

Alan: I'm sorry we left you out there by yourself, Lucy. It won't happen again.


Alan: I don't think she's buying it.


  1. The last photo's perfectly captioned.

  2. Those darnedable older brothers! Tell Lucy that I also had older brothers that were mean to me too sometimes! All I usually had to do was yell "Mom-they're picking on me" and she would come and make things right! I probably was annoying sometimes! HA!

  3. In the first picture, the boys seem to all be saying, "What?" Like they have no idea what the problem is. Typical boys. :)

  4. Poor Lucy on the outside looking in. Hope she doesn't hold a grudge.

  5. Way to rat on the boys, Lucy. They look like they're getting their story straight. Our job as girls is to keep the boys in line. Nice little swish of the tail to Alan. Perfect touch.