Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scenes from the dust bowl

Smooch and I took our walk later than usual last night, trying to escape the heat. 
I'm pretty much over the whole summer thing and am wishing for cooler temperatures. And rain.
Anyway, when we got home, there was a group nap going on in the corral, so I went out to visit.

Alan and George were watching the sunset from their dust bowl
and making shadow puppets on Lucy. Is that a bat?

Hank was on guard in the background, watching cows walk down the road.

I circled around the boys, trying to capture the spirit of the moment...
the dust, the bugs, the heat, the longing for fly-mask-free days...

Lucy: Mom, I've got to roll but you're right in my way.

Me: Could you wait a minute, please? 

Lucy: No.

Me: Lucy! Do you mind?! You're going to ruin this camera!

Lucy: Sorry, mom. I'll try to control myself next time.
Me: Thank you. Now hold still for a second. The back light looks pretty nice and I want to take a few shots.

Lucy: But I have an itch. Stop yelling.

Me: Sorry, Lucy. Summer is making me cranky.


  1. Pretty gilt-edged frame on that last picture.
    The dust and the bugs and the heat come through pretty well!

  2. I can almost feel the dust and dirt on me! (They look happy as can be in their dust clouds!)

  3. Now I have that song "dust in the wind" trotting thru my brain eh!

  4. Carol in N. Colorado8/1/12, 8:22 AM

    I am ready for cooler weather with rain. At this point, I would take a blizzard. The sunlight sure makes George's cross stand out along with the striping on his legs. The photos are awesome as usual.

  5. The sunset light is so pretty, making them glow. In the dusty, shadowy "ruin the camera" picture, Lucy looks like an apparition.
    I was thinking just yesterday how nice it would be to have one cool,crisp day. Or a full day of gentle,steady rain.

  6. Oh the dust, the bugs, the heat, the destroyed fly masks...New Mexico and New York seem to have a lot in common at the moment. This summer has been too much.

  7. Your sweet critters carry on the most entertaining conversations! I love that you share them with us.

  8. I know it's hot there, but what I would give for a New Mexico summer!


  9. Dust is for glorious sunsets. and rolling