Sunday, June 24, 2012

The annual masquerade ball

Summer wouldn't be so bad were it not for the heat. Or the flies. Actually, the flies this year aren't too bad...yet. 
The only places they're hanging out are around the eyes of my precious equines. I think it's a drought thing and the flies are simply thirsty. 
They consider the corners of my guys' eyes to be tiny watering holes, and I won't tolerate it.
So this week, everybody got a new fly mask.

 Since I put on fly masks before I put on coffee every morning, 
I got smart this time and bought everybody a different color and/or style so I would remember whose is whose. 
George's mask is green (it's a G thing); Alan's is blue, because his similarly colored buddy Nigel is sporting a blue mask this year.

Lucy, woman of mystery that she is, prefers the full burqa look.
I have never met an equine who loves a fly mask as much as Lucy. 
She's a girly-girl and loves to play dress-up.

Hank's new fly mask is "shimmer weave silver with lynx trim" because he is all jealous
of Lucy's Vogue cover and fully expects to be on GQ sometime soon.

Remember a few years back when we tried the fly fringes? 
They worked really well for about a year, until George and Alan made toys out of them.

The funny thing is, George and Alan like to keep their toys organized, so even though they ripped each other's fringes to shreds
and left them in the far corners of the pasture, they brought them back to the barn eventually...

...along with every other fly mask that's been sacrificed to the pasture gods over the past seven years.
At the end of last summer, I ended up with more fly masks than I'd started out with.

And of course I saved them to try to shame the boys into believing 
that they should take better care of their belongings.

George: Don't look at me. Alan did it.


  1. Ok, masquerade ball did it...they totally need to be printing eyes on those things! Imagine Alan with googly eyes, or Lucy with Cleopatra eyes...the possibilities are frightening!

  2. Darn pesky fly's eh! I hope the wild fires are not near the 7MSN.

  3. Glad you posted pictures from inside the Vogue Magazine of all the fashions. LOL, Stay Cool!

  4. Estella from Co.6/24/12, 6:57 AM

    I think the manufacturers of masks, need to try them out on mules and donkeys....IF they could pass the test with them they (the masks) would REALLY be equine masks, instead of toys. I don't mean for just a day or two I mean a full season or two (would be even better). I liked all the masks, but Hank's mask is really cool looking. What no mask for Wyonna? Hugs

  5. Lucy is lucky. Nothing like a fly down one of those beautiful ears to make it a bad day.
    Everyone looks great.
    As for 'before coffee', please tell me you at least have it brewing when you go out? Coffee is the most important part of breakfast!

  6. Hank should be on the cover of GQ or Peoples Sexiest Man Alive. That fly mask is pretty sharp!

  7. They all look mighty spiffy in their new masks. I think it's funny that George and Alan bring in the old you might get a rebate or something. Can't wait to see the boys' covers.

  8. Lucy looks gorgeous and Hank looks dignified! George and Alan...well, what can I say? I mask season. I have to buy new ones every year because Scout rips Cali's fly masks to shreds and throws them around the corral!

  9. Oh, wendywoo. I fear the result of your suggestion.

  10. Oh my, those are some stylin' flymasks!

  11. I wish I could find a pattern somewhere so I could make these myself... Would love to be able to surprise our local Donkey sanctuary with a batch of new masks. Any ideas? Feel free to write me at