Monday, June 25, 2012

Hank has no shame

Two of my colleagues made the trek to the 7MSN yesterday...
...and they came bearing gifts. Bet you'll never guess what. 

I explained that there was only one rule for serving watermelon – 
give everyone an equal share or be prepared to face the consequences.

Hank: Don't listen to her. I'm in charge here. It's three for me, then one for them.

Hank: My eyes are going to pop out of my head if you don't give me another piece right now!

I'm not sure what surprised my guests more: that equines like watermelon 
or that Hank can slurp as loudly as a dozen pigs.

Hank totally embarrassed himself, not that he cared because it was the hottest day of the year so far
and the watermelon never tasted so sweet. 

Hank: When you're done there, could you please cut up some more?


  1. So to be a guest at the 7MSN one has to bring wine and watermelon eh! ;-) IMO the best therapy is to comb donkey, equine or dog back ends....

  2. I really feel a little Garth Brooks is in order here. Hank singing, of course.

  3. Estella from Co.6/25/12, 6:48 AM

    My gosh the faces.....and George with the tongue, how funny. Hugs to all

  4. It a marvelous thing to pass alone the donkey mania. I'm looking at the ladies faces and seeing joy and amusement and joy. Donkeys just do that to folks....but add watermelon and then well, fun and games ensue. Thanks for sharing the happiness that was had by all. Oma Linda

  5. The donkeys look so calm and patient
    but Hank is serious about his watermelon! There's a lot of happy in these pictures. Even on the gray t-shirt. Looks like a fun day.

  6. I knew it was watermelon just from the look - and straining head - on Hank and his face!!!!

  7. I feel so silly...I never knew horses ate watermelon! :/

  8. I recently discovered that my dog likes watermelon too. Who can resist such a yummy, slurpy treat?

  9. be mugged for a watermelon treat! I'm not sure I would have given up my share to the critters? I, too love watermelon and it might be a toss up of who gets what and how much if I were the one doling it out.