Monday, April 30, 2012

Pail face

George: If you poop right now, mom won't have to scoop it up.

George: I don't know what you find so fascinating about that damned dog, Alan. 
Turn around and play with me. 

George: Mom, could you please put Smooch in the house? 
Even with a pail in my mouth, I can't compete with a dog digging a hole,
in Alan's feeble mind anyway.

George: What the hell's wrong with you?
You'd rather chase Smooch up and down the fence than play pail with me?

George: When I kick the bucket, you'll regret this day.

George: You and Lucy have turned your backs on me, Hank's asleep, Smooch has buried her head in the sand, 
even the swallows are flying away. I ask you, how can I be invisible with a pail on my face?
I should be the center of attention!

Me: George, you'll be the star of the blog on Monday. Does that make you feel better?

George: Why, yes, it does.

George: My pail runneth over with the love of my true friends.


  1. Your imagination for story lines never ceases to amaze me! Great post, esp. the part about pooping in the pail :-)

  2. I see the nice new yellow toy you bought them while on holiday and what does he pick an old pail. Maybe he would like you to fill it up. Heck you can never second guess a cat and I've added donkeys to that list as well.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. Aaawww! Poor George! I'd play with him.

  4. Aw George, yer adorable....sending cyber bottom scratching from Canada eh!

  5. I would play pail with you, sweet George.
    Do all "Jerusalem donkeys" have those wonderful markings on their ears and upper legs? Just looked that up and there is reference to the stripes on their legs, but didn't see anything about the ear marks. SO PRETTY!

  6. Oh Carson, I truly enjoy your commentaries. Such a great way to start my mornings. Sending happy karma your way!

  7. The others pail in comparison, George.

  8. Your animals, like you, can find the fun in the everyday stuff. Have you tried putting the jolly ball in the bucket to see if George will take it out and put it back?

  9. Just like a kid. Play with the box, not the specially designed toy with the big marketing budget.

    George,your lip dexterity is truly a wonder. If I could reach ya, I'd toss a few carrots in there as a tip.

    Not that I'm encouraging pail-handling.

  10. Pippin here... I'll be a 'pail pal' with you! Come on over to play!

  11. I think it's wonderful that they are so easily amused. :-))

  12. Oh George, you are truly a star. I would play with you if we weren't about 1500 miles away.

  13. Poor George. Some days are like that.

  14. Their paddock looks like my livingroom with all the toys!! LOL LOL

  15. George, it's wonderful to see you starring on today's blog post!! Your herd has no idea how fun you are, and I would put carrots in your yellow pail right now if I could reach from Mississippi!! And you'd have permission NOT to share...ha!

    Linda, as usual, your commentary has me giggling up a storm!

  16. George, that bright yellow pail is a wonderful contrast to your beautiful gray coat! You really stand out!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  17. Lots of love, attention and admiration to George from Atlanta, GA.

  18. OK George tell me which game you like to play.